Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (2023)

The most notorious demons in Demon Slayer are the 12 kizuki. Chosen by the Demon Lord Muzan Kibutsiji himself, these demons oversee the will of their Demon Lord and help Muzan maintain a chain of command among the demons. Also known as the 12 Demon Moons in the English dub of the Demon Slayer anime, these demons rank highest in Demon Command after the Demon King.

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Demon Slayer fans should know that humans who receive the blood of Demon King Muzan become demons. In addition, the demons who received comparatively more blood from Muzan become stronger than others, finally reaching 12 kizuki or 12 demon moons in Demon Slayer.

Los 12 Kizuki o Demonic Moons en Demon Slayer

This list of the 12 kizuki inmurderer of demonsit is from the upper demon moons to the lower demon moons. These are the demon slaying villains; while some have made an appearance, many of the 12 kizuki have yet to appear in the Demon Slayer anime. So, a word of warning, this article will contain spoilers for fans of the Demon Slayer anime about who the 12 kizuki or the 12 demon moons are.

Top rating 1Kokushibou
Maximum rating 2I'm getting married
Maximum rating 3He comes
Top rating 4I'm afraid
Maximum rating 5gyokko
Maximum rating 6Kaigaku
Lowest Rating 1Enmu
Lowest Rating 2Rokuro
Lowest Rating 3you stole this
Lowest Rating 4The alliance
Lowest Rating 5Rui
Lowest Rating 6Clumsy

Upper Moon 1 – Kokushibou (the strongest of the 12 kizuki)

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (1)

The most powerful of the 12 kizuki in the anime and manga demon hunter, Kokushibou, is the right-hand man of the demon king Muzan. Transformed by Muzan centuries ago, Kokushibou served his master with the utmost honesty and loyalty.

In addition to having the highest rank in all 12 kizuki, Kokushibou is also the twin brother of the legendary Solar Breath user, Yoriichi Tsugikuni. He is also the first sun-breathing user and arguably the most powerful demon slayer in history.

Interestingly, it is revealed that as a human Kokushibou, Michikatsu Tsukiguni was jealous of his younger twin brother, Yoriichi, for his natural talent and skill as a demon slayer. Also, as a demon, Kokushibou uses the Moon Breath technique, one of the reasons why he is the most feared among the 12 kizuki no demon slayers.

Tomar Superior 2 – Tama

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (2)

The second most powerful demon of the 12 kizuki and the most charismatic of all, Doma is arguably the most sadistic of the 12 Demon Slayer demon moons. Doma is among those demons with a complete lack of empathy, making him a dangerous foe. Having fed on several beautiful women in the demon hunter story period, Doma is unsympathetic and brash.

As for the blood demon art, Doma uses cryokinesis as her primary weapon. The demon can generate ice only with his kyosensu (Japanese folding fans). In addition, Doma can also generate ice through his blood and flesh, similar to Nezuko generating fire from his blood.

Toma Superior 3 – Akaza

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (3)

The third most powerful demon of the 12 kizuki no Demon Slayer, Akaza is a formidable foe in close combat. As seen in the Mugen Train Arc, the demon has immense brute strength when Akaza fights the flame hashira Kyojuro Rengoku.

In regards to his demon blood art, Akaza uses destructive death, granting him increased perception and creating shock waves. Also, out of the 12 kizuki no demon slayers, Akaza has the fastest regeneration ability.

Upper Moon 4 – Nakime

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (4)

While the original upper moon rank 4 placeholder was Hantengu. After his defeat, Nakime was considered a worthy replacement for the dead kizuki and placed in his place. His first appearance in Demon Slayer was during Muzan's massacre of the nether demon moons in season one.

Although Nakime's physical abilities were not shown, in the episode where Muzan kills the low moon demons, Nakime can be seen manipulating the castle with a single swing of her biwa. As part of the 12 kizuki no demon slayer and among the higher level demons of the moon, Nakime is powerful enough even if the show hasn't shown her in combat.

Lua Superior 5 – Gyokko

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (5)

The most sadistic of the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer, Gyokko is the most narcissistic of all; while most demons are, this one tops the list. Also, the demon is obsessed with arts and crafts and becomes enraged if anyone doesn't appreciate his self-proclaimed art.

As for the demon's personality, Gyokko is shown to be shallow and jealous of others, especially those who show more dedication to their arts than the demon. As for demonic abilities, Gyokko has used decorative pots to teleport from one place to another. In addition, the demon can create demon fish in the pots that attack its enemies.

Interestingly, Gyokko's appearance is the most morbid and grotesque of the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer. Lacking proper arms and a long torso, the demon sports a mouth for eyes. Meanwhile, his eyes are placed horizontally, one in the forehead and one in the place of the mouth.

Lua Superior 6 – Kaigaku

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (6)

This position was initially filled by the demon brother-sister duo Daki and Gyutaro. Also, daki and gyutaro were the main antagonists of the entertainment district arc and dominated Tengen uzui along with Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke. However, both of them were eventually defeated by the young demon hunters and were replaced by Kaigaku.

Originally a member of the Demon Slayer Corps, Kaigaku was the senior of Zenitsu when they were trained by former Hashira Thunder Jigoro Kuwajima. As a human, Kaigaku has displayed qualities of an arrogant opportunist, a coward who follows the strong and does anything to survive, qualities that pave his way to becoming one of the 12 kizuki no demon slayer. Furthermore, his blood demon arts come from training him in the thunderous breath style.

Under Lua 1 – Enmu

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (7)

Anyone who has seen the Mugen Train Arc knows who Enmu is and what the demon is capable of. After Muzan slaughtered the low moon demons, Enmu was the only surviving member. Enmu was tasked with finding and killing Tanjiro; the demon king Muzan forgave him and gave Enmu his blood, saying, "Kill the demon slayer using the hanafuda earrings."

Enmu crushes the will to fight by using his demon blood art to manipulate people's dreams. In addition, Enmu's Blood Demon Art also allows him to put people to sleep on command and enter and control people's dreams. As seen in the Mugen Train arc, Enmu's favorite destroys people's spiritual core by entering their dreams.

Lua Inferior 2 – Rokuro

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (8)

Rokuro became part of the 12 kizuki no demon slayer after the starting low moon 2 - Hairo was eliminated. Hairo's main ability was to create various shadows from her blood. Furthermore, the demon could mold these shadows into multiple shapes.

As for Rokuro's replacement, there isn't much information about the demon and his abilities. However, the demon was briefly seen in the Mugen train arch. During his screen time, Rokuro ordered Muzan to give him more blood to make him stronger. Feeling insulted by the order, Muzan decided to finish off Rokuro.

Lua Inferior 3 – Wakuraba

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (9)

A kizuki 12 in demon slayer, Wakuraba was the most loyal among the lower moon demons. In what little we see of Wakuraba's Mugen train arch, he can be seen with increased speed. His greatest speed was seen when he tried to run away from Muzan after seeing his fellow Nethermoon Demons slain. However, to no avail, Wakuraba is instantly captured by the Demon King and killed instantly.

Lower Moon 4 – Alliance

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (10)

Another of the 12 kizuki no demon slayer of which very little is known. Fans never got to see what Mukago's character has to offer. The demon was killed along with other demons from the lower moon by Muzan in the Mugen train arc. As for his appearance, Mukago was short in stature and had horns that protruded from the front of his forehead.

Lower Moon 5 – Rui

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (11)

Rui is the only lower moon demon out of the 12 kizuki in Demon Slayer to have the airtime of a full episode. A frail and weak person during his time as a human, Rui was a short boy when the Demon King transformed him.

Rui had an obsession with raising a family and used his blood to transform other demons like him. An ability that is only displayed on Rui. Meanwhile, the obsession with raising a family probably stems from the guilt of killing your parents.

As for the blood demon arts, Rui is immensely powerful among the 12 demon slaying kizuki. In addition, Rui can also change the physical appearance of the demons that consumed his blood through cell manipulation. Meanwhile, his main weapon is the web, which is strong enough to pierce a nichirin sword.

Lower Moon 6 – Kamanue

Who are the twelve Kizuki in Demon Slayer? | 12 demon moons (12)

Initially, this position was held by Kyogai, the main antagonist of the Tsuzumi Mansion arc. However, after his defeat, Muzan excommunicated him, claiming that he was not strong enough to be part of the 12 kizuki no demon slayer.

Kyogai's blood demon art was somewhat similar to Nakime's. Kyogai's body contained multiple drums, allowing him to change the environment with a single touch. After Kyogai, the position was filled by Kamanue. Not much is known about Kamanue, except that the poor demon was eaten by Muzan as soon as he heard the demon's thoughts.

12 kizuki or 12 demonic moons: conclusion

So those are the strongest of all the demons in the demon hunter story. Also, each of these demons has their own demon blood art and uneven fighting style. While manga readers already know about these demons and their abilities, anime fans are unaware of the 12 kizuki.

In the meantime, high-ranking kizuki are expected to appear in the upcoming demon hunter arcs. Until then, be sure to read our weekly take on upcoming episodes and their release dates and times.

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