[Top 10] The best buildings in Ghost of Tsushima (2023)

As an action/adventure game, Ghost of Tsushima offers players a variety of ways to kick ass. You could focus on a combat oriented play style and burn down all the Mongolian camps on your path of destruction. You can also sneak in the dark and assassinate your enemies like the grim reaper that you are. You could even take down your enemies with long-range weapons that move faster than a bullet. Regardless of your preferred playstyle, the game features a large number of armor sets, talismans, weapons, etc. to ensure you get the best settings for your game. Today I am going to talk about the top 10 builds in Ghost of Tsushima.

1. Offensive Build:

Best Offensive Build in Ghost of Tsushima

If you love taking on every Mongolian you come across like a raging bull, then this build is for you. The offensive build focuses on combat superiority, giving you the boosts you need to take down wave after wave of Mongol hordes. This build is achieved by combining Dual Destruction and Fortune Talisman with battle-forged armor like Gosaku's armor. Taking advantage of the damage boosts from these spells and the impressive damage from the Gosaku armor, this build will have you feeling like a war machine in no time.

Which offensive build excels at:

  • Combat-focused plays
  • Face the Mongol hordes
  • Quick evacuation of the Mongol camps
  • Deals staggered damage to enemies.

Offensive Build Details:

  • Double Destruction Amulet
  • happiness charm
  • Gosaku's armor.

2. Structure of an armored tank:

Use the unstoppable buildup of tanks to force those pesky Mongols into submission.

The next step is the armored tank build and this combination of charm and armor turns you into a literal tank. With iron armor and a spell that increases your defenses, wandering around and clearing out Mongolian camps will feel like a walk in the park. The samurai armor that you get from Lady Masako in Act 1 is perfect for this build. Fully upgraded, it offers incredible protection through its many skirmishes. Mix that with defensive spells like Charm of Resilience and Charm of Vitality and you become nearly indestructible.

What the armored tank excels at

  • It gives you a huge health boost, which is great for combat.
  • The health boost it gives you will help you win long and grueling battles.
  • It also offers a moderate attack/melee boost to give you a fighting chance.

Armored Tank Construction Details:

  • resistance charm
  • vitality charm
  • samurai armor

3. Build Ghost Weapons

Become a ghost weapon expert with Ghost Build

Do you love taking down enemies with kunais, smoke bombs, wind chimes and other ghost weapons like a real shinobi? Then this build is perfect for you. You can use this build by simply equipping the Amulet of Hidden Blades, as well as the Amulet of Advantage and Amulet of Inari's Might, which increase your spirit weapon stats to ridiculous levels. Add the Kensei armor to the mix, which can increase ghost weapon damage by up to thirty percent and decrease enemy damage by up to fifty percent when hit with a ghost weapon, then you're ready to take down enemies. , without taking out his katana.

What ghost weapons excel at:

  • Defeat enemies using only ghost weapons.
  • Clear the Mongolian camps in a fast and exciting way
  • Fantastic for stealth games.

Spirit Weapon Construction Details:

  • Hidden Leaf Charm
  • advantage charm
  • Inari's Power Charm
  • armadura kensei
  • Upgrade all ghost weapons.

4. Archery Construction:

How to equip and use the archery build

Ranged weapons like the Halfbow and Longbow are great for picking off enemies from absurd distances. But to really feel like an archery god during your match, you need to combine the following. First, find and equip the Tadayori armor, which can increase your charge and reload speed to 45 percent and your total focus time to 3 seconds. His headshots also increase his focus time by 50 percent. Then equip and upgrade ranged spells, such as: B. Efficiency, Quick Return, Accuracy, and Yuriko's Remembrance spell, which enhances all of your archer stats.

What archery building is characterized by:

  • Eliminating enemies from a ridiculously long distance
  • Infinite concentration time via rapid headshots.
  • Kill archers in the towers of the Mongolian camps

Archery Construction Details:

  • charm of efficiency
  • quick return charm
  • precision charm
  • memory of yuriko
  • Armadura Tadayori

5 Der Terror-Build

The horror building guide

During combat in Ghost of Tsushima, nothing is quite as sweet as striking terror into the hearts of your enemies and watching them flee from you as you go in for the kill like the vengeful ghost that you are. Well this version does exactly that. By combining spirit armor, which provides a 30 percent chance to frighten enemies who see you kill their comrades, the Ikazuchi-no-Kami spell, and Heavenly Strike, you can break the enemy's will to fight with all the mongols you killed you sent to the mountains.

What sets Terror Build apart

  • Terrifying enemies during the battle.
  • This gives you the chance to easily kill your enemies without crossing swords with them.
  • Fill your resolve slots with every terrified enemy killed
  • Face the Mongol hordes.

Horror Build Details:

  • ghost armor
  • Charme de Ikazuchi-no-Kami
  • Improving samurai techniques
  • Unlock and use Heavenly Striker by completing the mythic Heavenly Striker story.

6. Fire Lord Build

Strike fear into the hearts of your enemies with the fearsome Fire Build

The Spirit of Tsushima features a variety of firearms to burn down any opposition in your path as you fight to liberate the island of Tsushima. The Fire Lord build is useful for scaring the enemy by killing their comrades or setting them on fire. This build can be achieved by equipping the Amulet of Ikazuchi-no-Kami, the Amulet of Fire Lore, and the Amulet of Fortune I and II. Then, most importantly, learn the way of the Flame technique by completing the mythical quest Immortal Flame. This technique allows you to set your sword on fire before a fight and set your enemies on fire with each swing of your katana. Finally, use flaming arrows with the half bow to rain down fire on your enemies.

What the Fire Lord Build excels at:

  • Deal fire and melee damage to your opponents.
  • Scare your enemies to kill them easily.
  • Quickly wipe out the Mongol hordes with ferocious attacks.

Firelord Build Details:

  • fire knowledge spells
  • Lucky charms I and II
  • Zauber de Ikazuchi-no-Kami
  • flaming arrows
  • The path of the flame technique.

7. Sakai Clan Armor Build:

How to equip and use Sakai clan armor

If you're the type who loves to charge into Mongolian camps and take on swarms of Mongolian warriors all at once, then you'll love this build. To use this build, you must first obtain the Sakai Clan Armor from Act Two and upgrade it so that your Showdown Streak is maxed out (5 people). Then, equip Ikazuchi-no-Kami's spell for Dread Boost, as well as Amaterasu's Wellness and Resolve spells, which give you enough health and resolve to clear camps in seconds.

Where Sakai Clan Armorcraft Excels:

  • Clear enemy camps in record time
  • Kill an absurd number of enemies with match streaks.
  • Kill a moderate number of terrified enemies who witness your deaths.

8. Stealth-Assassin-Build

Stealth Assassin Assembly Instructions

The Stealth Assassin is the perfect build for navigating the shadows and slashing the throats of your enemies undetected. If you are a stealth game enthusiast, then this version is a must for you. All you have to do is equip and upgrade the Ronin Armor, which drastically reduces the detection speed of enemies, and then combine this with the Charm of Silence as the detection speed of enemies will be reduced. You can also add the Poisonous Demise spell to make wind chimes release poison gas, and the Tsukuyomi spell will cause enemies killed to drop more supplies.

What the Stealth Assassin Build excels at:

  • Stealth-oriented plays
  • Clear Mongolian camps without being detected
  • Store supplies from slain enemies.

Detalles zum Stealth Assassin Build:

  • ronin armor
  • charm of silence
  • Toxic Bane Talisman
  • Encanto de Tsukuyomi

9. The Unbreakable Samurai Build:

How to equip and use the Unbreakable Samurai build

Stunning is a key aspect of Ghost of Tsushima's combat, as it exposes a previously guarded enemy to Jin's deadly attacks. By combining the right spells and techniques, you can increase your chances of stunning any foe you come across, becoming an absolute beast on the battlefield. This build consists of Gosaku's armor, which gives you a huge stagger boost and recharges your health when you take down staggering enemies, and a variety of spells like the Amaterasu charm, which rewards you with a lot of health for stagger kills, the spells of Clubs, Shinatsuhiko, and Susanoo, all of which increase your chances of staggering and killing your enemy.

Where the unwavering samurai shine:

  • Stun enemies and expose them to deadly attacks.
  • Face several Mongol warriors at the same time.
  • Deal massive damage to your enemies in battle.

Unbreakable Samurai Construction Details:

  • gosaku armor
  • Amaterasu Charm
  • clubbing spell
  • Charme de Shinatsuhiko
  • Susanoo's Charm
  • Improving samurai techniques

10. True Warrior Build:

True Samurai Building Instructions

If you want to play Ghost of Tsushima for the ultimate samurai experience as you duel and dismember countless sword-wielding enemies at once, then this is the version for you. The True Warrior build mixes up every boost and leverage you need to deal massive damage to the Mongols while restoring enough health for an extended fight. To use this build, you need to equip the Ronin outfit, which gives you an incredible 30 percent melee damage boost. Then add a series of spells that increase Jin's melee damage and health points, just like with every kill.

What the True Warrior Build excels at:

  • Deal massive melee damage to your enemies
  • Big health boosts to keep you going in a long fight
  • It's the perfect build for stock clearance.
  • Ideal for amazing spacer strips.

True Warrior Build Details:

  • Inari's Power Spells
  • charm of the wild
  • Charme von Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto
  • Charme de Kagu-Tsuchi
  • Charme de Takemikazuchi
  • ron's clothes

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