Hidden details you missed in Avatar: The Way Of Water (2023)

  • Avatar 3 release date:2024-12-20

This article contains spoilers for Avatar: The Way of Water.Avatar: The Path of Waterit's a beautiful immersive film with deep visuals and a plethora of worlds. In 2009, James Cameron helped write the history of cinema.avatar- a luxurious production that revolutionized 3D technology and became the most successful film of all time. More than a decade later, Avatar 2: The Way of Water returns to the planet Pandora, but this time Cameron moves to the tropical jungles of the sea: the coral reefs.

The opening scenes of Avatar: The Way of Water show how the world of Pandora has changed, focusing first on Jake and Neytiri's family before moving on to the return of the Skymen. This time they are not onlyunobtanium degradation; Their goal is to terraform the world and claim it for themselves. The unexpected resurrection of Colonel Quaritch soon adds a personal dimension to the renewed conflict, and Jake flees to the safe haven of the Metkayina tribe. Of course, it's not long before things go wrong, and the war against the sky people also reaches the sea.

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13 Kiri's messianic imagery makes Avatar 2's December release so fitting

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Avatar: The Way of Water is a film about a generation that brings hope and redemption to the last. Jake, Neytiri and Colonel Quaritch are trapped in a cycle of violence and it's up to the next generation to save them. The most intriguing of these new characters isKiri, daughter of Grace and father unknown. It is heavily implied that this is a miraculous conception and that she is, in fact, Eywa's daughter. This plays on Christian messianic imagery and presents Kiri as a potential savior. Cameron's sequels are likely to develop this idea using the theme of a messiah with a "ministry of atonement".

12 Avatar: The Way of Water Reveals Banshees Are Bioluminescent

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The opening scenes of Avatar: The Way of Water return to the familiar rainforests of Pandora and feature images of creatures from the first film. Jake and Neytiri reflect on their life together and head out on a date night with the Banshees. This is the first time Banshees have been shown flying at night, and attentive viewers will discover that they share Pandora's signature bioluminescence.Jake y NeytiriThey're probably used to it, but onlookers may wonder why a predator would want attention like this. However, there is probably a good reason; All life on Pandora appears to be bioluminescent, and therefore a predator would be perceived as lacking light if it did not have this property.

11 The Sky People settlement in Avatar: The Way of Water is called "Bridgehead City".

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Avatar: The Way of Water portrays humans as a force of destruction; his return is reminiscent of Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now. This time they are here to stay, as evidenced by the fact that they are not building a base but a city. A title card shows that the home of the Sky People is called "Bridgehead City", an important term because, in military strategy, a bridgehead is a strong, secured position within enemy territory, from which they can advance or attack. .

10 People refer to Pandora's "immune response"

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Sky people have a better understandingPandora and the Na'vi, and her defeat in Avatar is clearly seen as evidence that Grace's hypothesis of a living planet was correct. They have chosen to go back and wage war on an entire world, and there are several lines of dialogue that suggest that Pandora's life continues to attack the Skymen. At one time, this predation was known as an "immune response." This explains why the Sky People burned a large tract of land before founding Bridgehead City. They don't want the jungle of Pandora pressing against the walls of their city.

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9 People consider the Na'vi in ​​Avatar: The Way Of Water a "rebellion".

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The Sky People believe that Pandora is already theirs and refer to Omaticaya as an "Uprising". Jake's knowledge of Sky People technology makes him a real strategic asset to the Omaticaya as he leads them out into the world.The sacred Hallelujah Mountains of the Na'vi- where the vortex of the river distorts the sensors (as in the first movie). Jake adopts the tactics used by Native Americans centuries ago and ambushes trains to steal weapons.

8 Why does Spider actually help Colonel Quaritch in Avatar: The Way Of Water?

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Some viewers may at first be surprised by Spider's decision to help Colonel Quadrich, viewing it as a betrayal. However, a scene involving the Banshees subtly hints at his true motive; Spider is a human who wishes he were a Na'vi, and lives vicariously through these humans whom he believes he is initiating into the ways of the Na'vi. He is horrified when he realizes what those knowledge and skills are being used for, and quickly switches sides to help take down a Sky Person gunship.

7 Avatar: The Way Of Water Reveals Na'vi Tribes Evolved Differently

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Avatar: The Path of Water reveals theNa'vi clans outside of Pandorathey have evolved to adapt to their own unique environments. The Metkayina, for example, have longer tails and thicker arms to help them swim, while the Omaticaya are leaner and have different muscle structures optimized for swinging and climbing. There are 15 different Na'vi clans, and each presumably evolved in slightly different ways. Hopefully, the James Cameron sequels will explore some of the other tribes.

However, Avatar: The Way of Water offers some subtle criticism of the Na'vi and shows evidence of racial prejudice based on these physiological differences. Metkayina isn't particularly fazed by Jake's children, whose five fingers signifyHuman DNA instead of Na'vi. However, the messianic subplot involving Kiri is important here, because it's interesting to note that Eywa chose to conceive a child through an avatar, presumably as a bridge between the Na'vi and the sky people. The five fingers could indicate the intentional birth of a new species of Na'vi optimized for the use of Sky People tools and technology.

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6 Kiri doesn't have to hold her breath as long as the others.

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Kiri is the only one of Jake's children who adjusts directly to this new environment, largely because she feels she can hear Eywa's heartbeat in the ocean. She can spend an enormous amount of time in the water and can hold her breath much longer than her siblings; In fact, in some scenes she has her mouth open underwater, which perhaps means that she can actually breathe under the waves. Her bond with Eywa is strong enough to control life through Eywa, a power she finds useful.End of Avatar: The Water Path.

5 Kiri's "seizure" is actually a baptism.

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Following messianic imagery, Kiri's "epileptic fit" can best be understood as a baptism. Cameron's interpretation here, of course, differs somewhat from messianic imagery; The Jewish traditions that influenced Christianity saw water as a symbol of death (because, according to them, the sea takes and does not return), so baptism is a symbol of death and resurrection. Cameron's focus is on baptism as a moment of intimacy and self-actualization. Kiri knows her mother and is sure that he loves her; In the Bible, the baptism of Jesus was accompanied by a heavenly voice in which God proclaimed him his beloved son.

4 Jake's use of human technology betrays him in Avatar: The Way Of Water

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Jake may have been embraced by the Na'vi, but still uses Sky People by default. He trained the Omaticaya to steal human weapons and use his own technology to wage war against the sky people; He then decided to leave the tribe to protect the family from him, a course of action the Na'vi would probably never consider. Kiri's coma causes her to once again turn to the science of the Sky People, calling in the doctors to help treat her. This mistake allows Colonel Quaritch to find out where Jake is, as he now understands that no native Na'vi would think to call a helicopter.

3 Avatar: The Way Of Water's Tulkun Hunt shows how Spider absorbed the teachings of the Na'vi

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The Sky People hunt down the Tulkun, killing the creatures for a single brain enzyme that seems to halt human aging and was therefore used to finance the entire expedition to Pandora.Spider could be the son of Colonel Quaritch, but he was raised as a Na'vi and is horrified by the waste. As seen in the first film, the Na'vi consider life sacred and do not waste death: they use the entire meat of an animal for food, its skin to make clothing, and its bones for weapons and tools. Spider has adopted this way of life and simply cannot understand the waste when Tulkun's corpse is left floating in the sea.

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2 The spider isn't actually considered dirt in Avatar: The Way Of Water

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Avatar: The Way of Water portrays Neytiri as the one Spider doesn't really accept, culminating in a shocking moment where she threatens his life. But the movie strongly suggests it.Jake and Neytiri's "adopted" sonHe doesn't consider himself part of the family at all, especially in a scene where the family gathers together and doesn't show any trace of concern for him. "Sullys stick together," they explain, ignoring the fact that Spider was last seen swimming on a sinking ship. The only one who seems to really care about Spider as a family member is Kiri, who helps build her as a bridge between the Na'vi and the Skymen.

1 Kiri brings light to darkness in Avatar: The Way of Water

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the end ofAvatar: The Path of Waterit subtly emphasizes Kiri's messianic role when he introduces bioluminescent fish to his family. The image of the Messiah as light and revelation is central to the biblical story, and the New Testament saw Jesus as a leader rather than a power figure, so this seems very appropriate. The film avoids associating Kiri with spectacles like Tulkun's attack, instead giving him a much more subtle role in the third act.

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