Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (2023)

The MonsterVerse may end after Godzilla vs. It's a shame Kong is finally taking the world by storm in 2021. Four films are impressive, a rather unusual feat accomplished by the American filmmaker in charge of Godzilla and an underrated shared universe.

Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (1)

They've covered a lot of ground, but there's still so much more they can do to bring characters and creatures to the screen everywhere. Dongbao has many monsters that haven't been released for decades, and some haven't appeared in nearly half a century.

We've discussed howKing CaesaryesMecha Rey GhidorahCould Be Legend and the Warner Bros. Monsters franchise. But there are many, many more ready to emerge from the hollow Earth or fall from the sky.

So, hoping the end isn't here yet, join us as we cover ten must-see giant monsters in the MonsterVerse.

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Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (2)

Indeed, this is one for me; Angelus' existence was confirmed in the MonsterVerse after King of the Monsters' skeleton was found in the wreckage of a ship in Godzilla's lair. That means he once existed in the Legendary universe, and may have fought Godzilla or one of his ancestors.

The question is whether there are more like him.Will that creature fight KOTM like Godzilla strikes again (Angelous' debut)? Or will the two titans team up as often as they did in the Showa era?

Either option is a possibility if Michael Dougherty is allowed to express interest in a BC Godzilla prequel. This would be the easiest way to introduce Anguirus and explain how his bones got to Hollow Earth, especially if Dougherty leans toward the two allies facing each other.


Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (3)

BiolanteUnfortunately, he only made one appearance in a Godzilla movie 30 years ago, but he tops the list of comeback G fans.

Made from a combination of human, plant, and Godzilla's own cells, she's one of the few monsters who nearly beats him (twice) in combat, piercing his skin and leaving him near death. She also grows to an impressive height and can evolve her form.

However, Biollante is one of Godzilla's greatest threats beyond size, strength, and adaptability. Like Mothra, who can pass on her essence to her offspring, Violante can disperse into spores and seed herself in a new location to re-grow after a battle. In fact, she won't die, making her as much of a challenge as Ghidorah's rebirth.

What was your introduction to the MonsterVerse? simple. Monarchs revealed in KOTM that they stored Titan DNA samples. It's also hinted that they're trying to design synthetic titans. Genetic manipulation created Biollante so that he could reproduce in part from the monster's cells.

It doesn't have to be Godzilla. Maybe Ghidorah will provide the material.All we need is a one-off line, preferably in Godzilla vs. Kong: People are experimenting with plant and monster DNA, and then we start racing.


Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (4)

His deadliest and most powerful foe, Destoroyah faces Godzilla in the final deadly battle of the Heisei era of Godzilla vs. Godzilla. Destoroyah, considered one of the best Godzilla movies ever made, let alone Kaiju.

Sadly, after that big appearance, the only way you can get along with him is in comic book form. Is it time someone did something about it?

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Godzilla will be watching the world for new threats after GVK, so now is a good time to figure things out. Method: Go back to the roots of Destoroyah.It evolved rapidly from prehistoric crustaceans and was created by the oxygen destroyer when it was used on the first Gojira in 1954.

The Oxygen Destroyer created and deployed in KOTM did not work as planned and should have unintended consequences.Enter Godzilla vs. Destroyah round 2. The only downside is that it could be a remake of the 1995 film, but there are worse things in life.


Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (5)

One of Godzilla's longest-running and popular antagonists, Jigan hasn't appeared on the big screen in 15 years and hasn't caused much buzz since Godzilla: The Final War (2004). That's not as good as most on this list, but it's enough to make the average G-Fan want to rip their hair out.

Another space monster that Godzilla had to defeat with help, Legendary had the perfect excuse to put Gigan and a few other titans in the movie for a rainy day while saving the diehards a fortune in hair plugs and fixes. .

as? Use MUTO. What am I talking about? If you missed the MUTO avatar displayed at the Monarch's Castle Bravo base, don't lose heart. That head, with its red eyes and beak, can be used to build a Gigan from scratch, whether it's done by Monarch, Apex, or aliens. Mechanical Godzilla will certainly provide some spare parts.

Just don't make Gigan look as stupid as he was in Final Wars, joining the fray as a heel only to get beheaded twice (once by his own fault).


Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (6)

Well, hear me out. Hedorah doesn't usually end up on anyone's list, but there are ways to do it. First, it evolved from litter and pollution to feed on smog and spray it with a crude, shall we say experimental, environmental message.

KOTM has a similar theme, but stronger and less cartoony. The trick is finding a balance that neither alienates fans nor upsets Toho, assuming they want to see Hedorah again. As another monster from space, he should follow Ghidorah to find out.

But while Ghidorah is a creature tied to the legends of the ancients, Hedorah may have been a threat steeped in modern folklore, understood by science rather than the mysterious history depicted on cave walls.

Don't forget, what an artificial titan-monarch does. Hedorah could be the result of a failed experiment that Godzilla has to fix, and we might see Godzilla vs. Hedorah. Hedorah 2, few will want. Toho or others can request the above rewrite, requiring Hedorah to share the spotlight.

Calling it a "rogue" might be a bit of a stretch, but thankfully, in the end the war proved that Hedorah was acceptable in small doses. In the MonsterVerse, though, I hope he doesn't kick ass on Big G's hands so quickly.

live jaguar

Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (7)

our old friendlive jaguarThere is an incomplete history. It was created by a third grader to enter the competition, only for Toho to change every detail of his submission, including the name. It's a cheap knockoff of Ultraman, but the MonsterVerse could use a dose of Tokusatsu, don't you think?

Getting the growing robot to ram, ram, ram into the Legendary canon is the easy part. Mechagodzilla made possible the existence of various monsters and giant robots after the Godzilla War. hole. Tweak the young inventor's backstory a bit; make him a Monarch or Apex employee.

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Let's be honest, despite not being one of the most popular characters, who wouldn't want to see a humanoid robot with the same abilities as Ant-Man, as well as flying and firing lasers, fighting Godzilla and other Titans on the big screen? I didn't mention his shock.The question is: are we including the wonderful inhabitants of Megalon and Seatopia?

No, we can skip them.

king kong

Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (8)

Kong's metal double is probably the most obvious addition around MechaGodzilla. Mechani-Kong is the enemy of the Eighth Wonder in The Escape of Kong, the only Toho movie since Kong vs. Kong to feature the giant ape from Skull Island. Godzilla.

Fun fact: Ebirah: Dread of the Deep was supposed to be King Kong's vehicle. That obviously didn't happen, and the big guy didn't go dormant until the 70s. And Mechani-Kong came before Mechagodzilla, so he was the prototype for the whole "Mecha" monster idea.

Including him in the MonsterVerse would be the perfect homage to the ubiquitous robot monsters.But how do you do it? Well, it was created by a mad scientist: the evil Doctor Who (seriously). All they have to do is transplant the MacGuffin himself, turning him into someone who works for Apex or Monarch.

Over four films, we learn that humans want to destroy the Titans, or at best control them. To do that, Skull Island may have to be conquered, but there's one thing standing in the way: Kong. Where Mechagodzilla failed, a 300-foot-long robotic ape might succeed or die trying.

Sounds like the ideal plot for Kong's next solo movie, doesn't it?

godzilla space

Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (9)

Our next entry is one of those: "He only appeared in one movie, and fans have fallen in love with him ever since." So let's give it a belated second chance.

The result of a reaction when Godzilla's cells came into contact with a black hole through the fault of Mothra or Biolante, Space Godzilla came to Earth to destroy things and transform the place with his giant stalagmite crystals.

Its origin need not be so complicated. Maybe they keep the Godzilla cell angle, but instead of a black hole, a supercollider could be used, somehow, or maybe a lab accident was involved. Likewise, linking Space G to the creation of Artificial Titan would go a long way.

Weighing the pros and cons, the biggest issue is that Space Godzilla's modus operandi and similar powers, in his flight and telekinetic corona beams, seem like a wash-and-repeat situation for Ghidorah. Beyond that, we've seen Ghidorah do the same thing over and over again with new paint.

Give us space Godzilla, guys.


Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (10)

No, this is not a joke. There's a reason many fans wanted Gamera to appear in the MonsterVerse: a duel with King Godzilla. Legend only needed to convince Toho and Gamera owner Kadokawa to come to the negotiating table and strike a deal. This is not an easy task, like pulling a tooth without anesthesia.

Kadokawa tried it once, long before Godzilla's revival in 2014 and after Gamera's fiery return in Heisei. Toho didn't want to see his son lose, so he declined. Now, the timing and funding may be just right.

Godzilla kicked off the turn of the century with the Millennium series, which has arguably never been more popular. The second decade of the 2000s saw the dawn of the MonsterVerse and the hugely popular G-Man reboot.

Gamera was acquired by Kadokawa when the publisher wanted to move into film, acquiring old-school Japanese studio Daiei. In two decades, they've made just one feature film about a fire-breathing turtle (Gamera The Brave, 2006), returning to their kid-friendly roots. They did a brief proof of concept in 2015, but have since sat down and expanded it into a feature.

Legends can solve this problem. The easiest way to do this is to link Gamera to ancient civilizations like the other titans. His Heisei trilogy already does this, but he goes a step further: it establishes that Gamera was created by the doomed Atlantis to fight a runaway Gauss.

look? Write this yourself. Bring Gauss on while you do it.


Godzilla: 10 Titans We Want To See Next In The MonsterVerse And How They Got There (11)

Our last pick, and a personal favorite, has been on the sidelines since the late 1970s and Showa era, the Titanosaurus karate-kicking Godzilla in Terror of Mechagodzilla. It's not his fault; he's under the mind control of some annoying aliens.

Usually, this somewhat forgotten cult darling is a docile, sleepy dinosaur with kung fu skills and the power to destroy entire cities with a flick of a fan tail. The titanosaur can generate hurricanes like Rodan, but it can also stand on two legs like Gozilla and swim in the ocean.

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You can fight the big guy on his terms, though they might want to rearrange his origin. To fit the MonsterVerse, Titanosaurus could be a bipedal relative of Rodan or Warbat (to account for its flippers and abilities). Or they could turn it into the product of Ghidorah's severed head regenerated into a new creature.

Whatever they do, it will be a new venture. They're going to have to drop all talk of his calm.

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