Final Fantasy VI Walkthrough - Where to Go, Missable Bestiary Entrances and Chests, Blue Magic, Walkthrough Guide (2023)

Table of Contents
What this tutorial will do: What the tutorial won't do: 1. Introduction and Narshe Narshe / Mina Narshe World map - Outside Narshe / Near Figaro 2. Figaro, cave of Figaro Sud and Figaro Sud Figaro Castle Figaro Sul cave Mapa Mundi - Figaro Zona Sul Figaro Sul 3. Mount Kolts and the Returnees' Hideout Duncan's Cabin Monte Kolts stash returned rio lethe 4. Locke's scenario Figaro Sul cave 5. Sabin's Scenario castle house imperial camp castle house imperial camp ghost forest ghost Train Cavern Baren Falls The Savannah/Mobliz Crescent Mountain Cave cobra worth pleasant 6. Earth/Edgar Scenario 7. In Search of Earth (Kohlingen, Jidoor, Zozo) banon defender narshe Figaro Castle Kohling Kohlingen/Jidoor supraworld area To wake up Black bird 8. The Opera Sequence To wake up opera sequence 9. O Southern Continent (Albrook, Maranda, Tzen, Vector) Vector Fábrica Magitek Magitek Research Center Esper Retrospective 10. Exploitation of aircraft narshe Tzen To wake up sheet tap 11. The Sealed Gate and the Imperial Banquet imperial observation post sealed door cave Vector 12. Thamasa and the Cave of Esper Albrook tap Esper Caverns 13. World of Balance Summary Strago's Tradition castle house World of Balance Final Check 14. The Floating Continent On the way to the floating continent floating continent Escape from the floating continent 15. Welcome to the World of Ruins lonely island Albrook/Tzen supramundial area Tzen Nikeah Overworld Area pleasant 16. Edgar, the Castle of Figaro and the Engine Room Figaro Sul Upper area of ​​southern Figaro Figaro Sul cave Dungeon of Figaro Castle 17. Tomb of Setzer and Darill Kohling Kohlingen overworld area Darill's Tomb 18. Ciano and Monte Zozo Marandá Overworld Area Maranda/Jidoor/Zozo Black bird Mount Zozo 19.Uwao! Wow! I am Gau! Your friend! (also earth) sheet Mobile 20. Owzer, Relm e Strago Jidoor / Owzer's Mansion torre do cultista 21. Narshe, Mog e Umaro narshe Cavern yeti 22. Shadow, Locke e Gogo Caverna no Veldt Coliseum Overworld area around Thamasa phoenix cave Zone Eater Belly 23. Cyan's Dream Sequence castle house first dream area ghost train dream area Cave Dream Area (com armadura Magitek) Doma castle dream area 24. World in Ruins - Odds and Endings Let's learn some skills from Strago Lore Lonely Island (del Cid) Old Castle Cave old castle death glare Ragnarok and Cursed Shield in Narshe training time torre do cultista Duncan's Cabin Cabin Thamasa / Rocha de Ebot opera Coliseum 25. Kefka's Tower Final Dungeon Kefka's Tower - Enemies List Strago's Tradition dungeon walkthrough Videos

The release of Pixel Remaster fromfantasy final VIis now available for PC and mobile devices. If you want to play 100% and get all the achievements, we are here to help.

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This walkthrough is a minimalist bulleted guide for those who don't want to delve into a long, dense walkthrough, but also for those who don't want to miss anything that prevents them from getting 100% bestiary and chests. For most dungeons, the map provided in the game is all you need to explore the dungeons, and these maps will tell you if you got all the chests/items in an area. Just open it to see where the chests are. However, a handful of dungeons have secret passages that lead to additional rooms and chests, so we'll point these out from time to time.

Final Fantasy VI has a lot more to do in a guide like this one. Due to the game's story structure, there are more things to miss at key points in the game.

What this tutorial will do:

  • Offer a minimalist explanation so you know what to do at any point in the game.
  • Mark the treasure chests and enemies you can't miss to be able to complete the game 100%.
  • Indicate the first times Lore Magic can be obtained.

What the tutorial won't do:

  • Offer more than the most rudimentary presentation strategies for bosses or group formation.
  • Detailed walkthrough of dungeons. Some dungeons in FF6Pixel Remaster are a little tricky, and we're going to offer some quick guides, but nothing more than the bare minimum needed to get through and get all the chests.

Item Collection Note:

Most cities have items and chests that the player can find. The in-game map doesn't indicate exactly where they are, but it does keep track of how many you've found in each city and how many still need to be found. For the most part, this guide willnoPoint out where exactly these items/chests are, unless they're especially tricky, because most can be found with relatively little difficulty just by looking normally. Most items are invisible and can be found in lawns, flower pots and the like around town.

This guide will also note any items that may be lost.

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Bestiary Note:

Unlike my previous guides, which specifically listed must-see bestiary entries, for Final Fantasy VI, I will only list all enemies available at the time. I won't mention the enemies you have to fight, as it's impossible not to see them. Also, keep in mind that the game's bestiary is shared between files, so you don't necessarily need to put all the enemies in one save file. You can load previous saves if needed to get lost tickets. So it's a good idea to use multiple save slots, just in case.

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1. Introduction and Narshe

Narshe / Mina Narshe

  • Climb up and fight forced battles until you reach the cave. There is a save point here.
  • In the cave, go up and interact with the door. You will fight the boss Ymir. Do not attack the shell.
    • worried
    • Bandit
  • Inspect the glass for a scene. When waking up at home, first look at the clock to see if there isElixir, so go.
  • Follow the one-way path to a different part of the mine.
    • chapoteo
  • Youhe canget two chests here. However, keep in mind that you can wait until this happens and these chests will be converted into different items later on. I really recommend this, and these chestsnever be unreachable, so don't worry about losing them. There are a handful of chests that work like this early in the game, and I'll point them out.
  • Then a long cutscene will take place. You then have three groups to work with to take down enemies.
    • Mog can learn Twilight Requiem as long as you use her party at least once here.
    • If you like, you can take Mog's mithril shield and mithril spear with you.
  • After the event, you will be at the entrance to Narshe. Go to the "Beginner" building nearby. You can find a full HP/MP heal, an Ether/monster-in-a-box in the first room, a chest in the middle room, and a chest in the left room.
  • Item Collection Note: YYou should have 3/10 chests and 2/3 items in Narshe. You can have 2/3 chests in Narshe Mines (unless you leave them alone, which is perfectly fine) and 0/1 items. You'll get the rest later.

World map - Outside Narshe / Near Figaro

  • Enemies in the area
    • Leaf (grass) rabbit
    • Darkwind (grass/forest)
    • Sand Strip (Desert)
    • Scorpio (desert)
  • Be sure to head to the Chocobo Stable in the desert southwest. This is an optional area, but you'll want to visit all of these areas to get the Adventurer Walker achievement.

2. Figaro, cave of Figaro Sud and Figaro Sud

Figaro Castle

  • This section is mainly scenes. Go straight to the throne room for a cutscene talking to Edgar.
  • Then go down to the previous room. From here, the top left stairs, left door, and right door lead to chests,4 chests in total.
    • The rest of the items in Figaro Castle, listed in your item collection, you will receive much later and cannot be lost. You can also buy some items here, but they will all be available later on too.
  • Then go down one more screen, through the left door, up, down the stairs and into the building on the left. Talk to the woman here for a scene.
  • Go back to the throne room and talk to Edgar. Once in control of Edgar, talk to the guards, then Kefka, then north to Locke. As Terra, follow Locke to his room and talk to him.
  • Once you control Edgar again, talk to Kefka and then the guard in the north.
  • After the cutscenes you will fight two magitek (use Autocrossbow)
  • Once in Chocobos, go to the cave south of the map.

Figaro Sul cave

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  • Use your map to get three items in this cave. However, like Narshe, these chests will upgrade if you wait, changing to better items. They will never be inaccessible, so don't worry about losing them. The south center stairs lead to the exit.
    • warm
    • vespa
    • Charm

Mapa Mundi - Figaro Zona Sul

  • Go to the town of South Figaro to the south.
    • Unseelie
    • belmodar
    • Em

Figaro Sul

  • There are a total of 7 items to pick up from barrels/crates outside. However, like Narshe and South Figaro Cave,these items will change if you wait to get them. They will never be inaccessible.
  • Note that the chests DO NOT change, so be sure to grab them.
  • Enter the upper left house, go up the stairs and enter the first door, then go behind the bookcase. In this secret area, you can find six chests.
    • Note an empty room with a chair and a bucket, for later.
  • Exit the house through the bottom right door to find an eighth item outside if you want to grab it now. Then head along the east side of the building to a secret room with the ninth item.
  • The tenth item is in the bottom left corner of the item shop house.
  • Talk to Shadow at the bar for a scene.
  • You can buy armor/equipment/tools. The relics are pretty basic, I'd at least get the Spring Shoes.
  • It should have10/10 articles(unless you're hoping to get them) and6/13 safes. Again, none of these items should be overlooked. Soon you will receive the remaining chests in Locke Scenario.

3. Mount Kolts and the Returnees' Hideout

Duncan's Cabin

  • Duncan's hut is north of South Figaro.
  • An item here in a bucket. You can heal for free.

Monte Kolts

  • A linear dungeon. Three of the four chests you can get before fighting the Vargas boss, use your map to find them. One of them is behind a somewhat hidden path in the cave with the bridge. The fourth chest is behind the boss.
  • When fighting Vargas, Sabin will appear. As the tutorial says, use the Raging Fist Blitz command to win.
    • Círpio (fora)
    • Gorgias (in and out)
    • trilio (outside)
    • Zagrem (interior)

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stash returned

  • Talk to Banon for a scene. Then, as Terra, you can explore and collect all 6/6 chests and 3/3 items (one behind a hidden path in the box/chest room).
    • Note that if you find a piece of paper under the table, it won't do anything other than affect a small cutscene later on.
  • Talk to your party members, then talk to the guard in the SW.
  • When you speak with Baron, you have the opportunity to say Yes or No. Do you want to keep saying No.
    • Saying Yes will give you the Gauntlet Relic. Saying No three times will give you the Genji Gloves. Genji Gloves are rarer, so get this.

rio lethe

  • Follow the path down to the river (consider putting Banon on the last row). There are no articles. Go left and then left when given the options.
  • This part can be a bit difficult if you haven't trained Edgar/Terra/Sabin a lot. Have Edgar use Auto Crossbow, Sabin Aura Cannon, Terra attack, and Banon Pray.
  • When fighting Ultros, have Terra use Fire. You can also have everyone on the last line.
    • lopros lesser
    • nautiloid
    • excite

You will end up on a stage selection screen. Eventually you will have to do all three. We'll start with Locke.

4. Locke's scenario

  • Don't talk to the Magitek Armor guys, you'll probably die.
  • Head to the item shop and fight the shopkeeper, use steal to get his clothes.
  • Go south towards the house, below, the boy will let you through. Then head to the northwest part of town on the upper level. Fight the green cadet, steal his clothes.
  • Go south of the mansion and talk to the guard near the crates.
  • Head to the bar, go downstairs. Fight the merchant, steal his clothes, take the cider from the table.
  • Take the cider to the old man in the house south of the item shop (through a back door you left earlier). Then talk to the boy with the password "Courage".
  • They will take you to the secret area you were in earlier. In the empty room from before, you'll now find Celes. Free her, steal the key.
  • In the room with the previous treasure, examine the broken clock to open a new area. This area will have random encounters.
    • Commander
    • vector hunting dog
  • In the new area, use your map to find all the chests. Head down the west stairs for 3 more chests, including a ribbon hidden to the south for X-Potion. Then exit via the east stairs.
    • You should have all the chests and items for South Figaro by now.
  • You can rest at Duncan's Cabin before heading to South Figaro Cave.

Figaro Sul cave

  • There are new enemies here, find them before fighting Tunnel Armor in the other entrance.
    • cartagra
    • acrofias
    • golden bear
  • The items in the chests here have been upgraded if you dropped them earlier. However, they can be refreshed if you leave them for longer, so it's best to wait. They are not lost chests for your collection of items.
  • At the main entrance, near the healing pool, you'll find Tunnel Armor. Use the Celes rune to avoid being electrocuted.

5. Sabin's Scenario

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This is the longest of the three scenarios.

  • Head to the nearby cabin. He recruits Shadow, though she could leave at any time. You don't have to worry about equipping it, but I recommend buying 5 or more shuriken for later.
  • Follow the one-way road in the overworld to the Doma Imperial Camp, located in a small patch of desert.
    • Aepyornis (grass, forest)
    • Chippirabbit (hierba)
    • Grasshopper (grass, forest)
    • Stray cat (grass, forest)
  • After entering the Imperial Camp, you'll see a cutscene and things will transfer to Castle Doma, where you'll take control of Cyan.

castle house

  • As Cyan, face the Captain. Use your Fang skill.
  • Youhe canfight Imperial soldiers as well if you like, but you'll soon be forced to fight some with Sabin and Shadow, so don't bother getting him in your Bestiary.

imperial camp

  • You can explore the Imperial Camp without a fight unless you actually talk to a guard, so don't worry about being 'detected' or anything like that.
  • Go east to find a tent with a chest inside.
    • If you hit the chest, it will open after a scene. If you kick the chest, then you will first have to fight the dobermans. They don't have a bestiary entry, but they do have Rage for Gau later on, so you'll probably want to beat them up. So I suggest kicking the chest.
  • Go south for a scene with General Leo. Then try going south again for a scene with Kefka. You have to fight Kefka, but he will run away after one attack.
  • Before facing Kefka again, explore west to find a tent with a mithril glove and a monster in a box.
    • The Satellite enemy here is reasonably tough. Use Aura Cannon and Shuriken.
  • Then head north from the store to find a ledge you can jump off of. Here you'll find a fourth chest containing a Barrier Ring, completing the 4/4 Item Collection for this area.Make sure you get this now.
  • Now chase Kefka a few times, fight a forced battle with Imperial and Templar soldiers, then head back to Cyan.

castle house

  • Go down the stairs to the north for a cutscene.
  • You can pick up an item at this point. Go down the carpeted stairs south of the throne room and enter a room to the southeast. You can find a remedy. The rest of the items here at Doma Castle you will receive later.
  • To continue, go to the room east of the Throne Room.

imperial camp

  • Talk to Cyan several times for forced fights, which are easy.
  • You'll then go into Magitek Armor for a few more forced fights. Head to the north end of the camp. On the world map, head south to the Ghost Forest.

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ghost forest

  • There are no articles in the forestry section. Just follow the path, making sure to fight the two enemies here. When you come to a fork, head NE (the S will take you back to the start).
    • Ghost
    • People
  • When you reach the Ghost Train, enter. He then tries to leave for another scene.

ghost Train

  • Go east to find a save point and an item shop. You can recruit ghosts to fight with you, who can possess enemies and knock them out at the cost of their own lives (?). Some of the other ghost NPCs will attack and some are shops.
  • Continue west until a ghost appears blocking the path behind you. Talk to him to fight him.
  • You are then faced with a sequence where the ghosts continue to haunt you. You'll be forced to jump in front of some cars (as long as you have the Tent mentioned above, you're good at Item Gathering).
  • Eventually, you'll find a dining car. Food will heal you completely. Grab the earring on the other side of the car and continue on.
  • The next cars have several rooms that you can enter. You'll find 4 more chests and the last shop in these rooms, which should end your collection of items here.
  • Be careful that one of the chests has a wraith fight which is pretty tough.
    • If you have both earrings available so far, you can equip them both to Sabin, which will increase his Aura Cannon. This is really helpful to keep in mind for a while.
  • There is also a forced battle with Siegfried, which is literally a joke.
  • Anyway, before reaching the locomotive, you should have all the chests/items and the following enemies.Make sure of this via the map menu.
    • Whispering Angel (inside)
    • Dead-alive (inside)
    • bomb (out)
    • cloud (outside)
    • Oversoul (Found in the car after separating the rear cars)
  • Move levers 1 and 3 inside the engine, then one last lever near the fireplace.
  • To kill a Phantom Train, use a Phoenix Down.

Cavern Baren Falls

  • Just go to a scene. The shadow will. He then jumps off the waterfall.
  • You'll fight fish and a boss fish as you fall.

The Savannah/Mobliz

Note from savannah:

If you're not familiar, the Veldt area (the big green field in the overworld with the Jungle-y music) works differently than most other areas. There are no new enemies here. Instead, you can findany normal enemyyou've met here before. Veldt's whole purpose is to train Gau's Rage skill, which you'll see shortly. Also note that you don't gain EXP on Veldt, although you do gain Gil and AP. This can be useful if you want to earn money or AP but want to wait EXP until you get Espers.

  • First, head east to the town of Mobliz. There are a lot of great items to buy here and consider purchasing not just for your current team, but the other members of your party as well. Also, buy some dried meats, for Gau.
    • The only collectible in town is an Elixir in a NE house, on the clock.
    • Note that you can heal for free on a bed in the relic shop.
  • There's also a mini-quest here, for a Tintinnabulum relic.
    • Talk to a wounded soldier in the NW house and bring the letter to him on the nearby table.
    • So to send him letters, talk to the man by the clock in the neighboring house and spend 500 gil.
    • Basically, you have to repeat this process several times to continue the search.
    • To activate the next phase of the quest as you go, just talk to any merchant.
    • Basically, keep talking to the injured soldier, send them letters, while talking to the merchants to activate the next part of the mini-quest. You will eventually get Tintinnabulum.
  • Back on the Veldt, fight the enemies until Gau appears. Do not attack him, otherwise you will have to find him again. Throw the jerky at him to recruit him.
  • You will receive an introduction to Gau skills.
    • Basically, Jump on an enemy group for Gau to learn his skills. He will disappear for a while, but will fight some battles and randomly appear at the end of a battle.
    • He will learn the Rage skill for enemies in the group he jumped into, as well as enemies in the battle he is returning from. All mid-battles are not learned.
    • [Note that in Pixel Remaster there is an achievement for learning 50 Rages. You'll want to save this for later after you've fought more enemies.]
    • The Stray Cat Rage for Gau is pretty cool, consider buying it.
    • You can also get Green Berets by defeating more Satellites.
  • Head to the nearby cave when you're ready.

Crescent Mountain Cave

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  • There are no enemies here and no items that count for collection here. There are a few cutscenes to watch with Gau.
    • In the NW, you will lose 500 Gil.
    • You will receive a potion.
    • And you will get a diving helmet. You will then automatically move to the Serpent Pit.

cobra worth

  • This is basically a linear path. Take the RIGHT fork both times and you can take thepotion xyGreen beretalong the way, along with the three enemy types here.
    • unformed
    • Aspire
    • actiniano


  • There is only one item to find here, an Elixir in a clock in the inn.
  • Otherwise, there is a new weapon in the store, a new armor in the store, and a new relic in the store.
  • When finished, head to the boat and head to South Figaro.

6. Earth/Edgar Scenario

  • Probably the shortest of the three scenarios.
  • You'll start at the River Lethe and have to fight some enemies. Then you can re-enter Narshe.
  • Go to the mine cave where Locke rescued Terra at the beginning of the game. Follow the linear path to the second cave. Here you can find two more enemies.
    • Valentina
    • wild rat
  • Eventually you will reach the 'Security Checkpoint'. Here, you need to follow a light to get through the room without running into a battle. If you are caught, you will have to fight. These enemies have no bestiary entries.BUT they are angry, so you might want to fight them at least once.
    • Spectrum
    • eukaryote
    • Dark side
  • After passing through here. You can enter a room that you couldn't before. Now full of Moogles. Here you can find the third and final chest, which contains a Rune Blade.
    • However, if you wait to collect the chest later, you might get a ribbon.
    • The Rune Blade can eventually be bought, and the ribbons can eventually be stolen, so it's not like any of them are limited. Choose what you want. I would just wait. It's not a must.
  • You may notice that there is another item (not a chest) listed for the Item Collection on your map. You will get this later.
  • Go to Arvis' house.

7. In Search of Earth (Kohlingen, Jidoor, Zozo)

banon defender

  • After completing the Locke/Terra/and Sabin scenario, you'll see a cutscene and have to split up your party again to defend Banon.
  • I suggest a Locke/Celes/Sabin/Edgar team, but it doesn't matter. Equip the items you purchased from Mobliz.
  • Defeat all enemies to ensure you get all the proper bestiary entries, then face off against Kefka.
  • In Pixel Remaster there is a pot of healing near Banon if you need it.
    • heavy armor
    • Fidor
    • Corporal
    • hunting dog
    • hell's Knight

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  • After a few cutscenes, Terra leaves and you can explore Narshe.
  • Go to the house south of Arvis for more chests, with one locked for now. Then go to the house on the west end of town to get an Elixir from a clock.
    • You should now have 9/10 chests and 3/3 items for Narshe. None of them are to be missed and you will get the last one later.
  • There are some new weapons to buy and new shields. Stock up before heading to Figaro Castle.
  • Stop by the nearby Chocobo Stable if you haven't already.

Figaro Castle

  • You can't get the other items or chests here yet (you must have 4 chests). If you bring Sabin and Edgar you can get an extra scene if you sleep in the beds.
  • You can buy new tools for Edgar, as well as regular items.
  • When you're done, you'll want to talk to the old man in the SW room, who will push a button and move the castle closer to Kohlingen.


  • This town is to the north when you exit Figaro Castle, after moving the castle.
  • There is an item in the NW house and a chest in the NE house through a secret back entrance. That should complete the collection of articles here.
  • If you have Locke, you can watch an additional cutscene in each of these houses.
  • The only new item to purchase is a Twist Tiara.
  • Shadow is here to recruit if you have a less than full group, but don't worry about him otherwise.

Kohlingen/Jidoor supraworld area

  • Be sure to stop by the Dragon's Neck Cavern to the north and pick up the Hero's Ring there, the only item in the area.
  • Also, stop by the Chocobo Stable nearby to get the Map Achievement.
  • Then go south to Jidoor.
    • Blood Fang (Grass)
    • vulture (grass)
    • Rock wasp (forest, grass)
    • Iron Fist (Forest, Grass)
    • Parallia (grove)
    • Fossil Dragon (Desert)
    • Sand Ray (desert, if you haven't already)
    • Scorpion (desert, if you haven't already)

To wake up

  • The only item hidden here is an ether inside a pot in the Nmost mansion, inside the NE side.
  • There are new weapons and armor to buy.
    • Note that the white dress technically cannot be lost if you never buy it before heading to the World of Ruin.
  • Then head north towards Zozo.

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Black bird

  • Remember that everyone on Zozo is lying to you and there are random encounters here.
    • veil dancer
    • litany
    • morro gigas
    • reaper
  • First go to the pub, go upstairs to the room on the right, then go back right to get an ether.
  • Then go to the Armor Shop (use your map to find it) to get a Potion
  • Then go to the inn. Enter 6:10:50 on the clock to get Chainsaw for Edgar.
  • Then go to the Relic Shop and go upstairs. Skip the first open door and go to the next closed door to get a Bandit Glove.
  • Go back to the open door and jump west some buildings and go inside. Here, go to the pots in the NW to get an Ether and Hi-Potion. Then leave south.
  • Go back outside, go up the stairs and jump back to the east building, then go up the stairs and through the door. Then go upstairs inside and out.
  • The next door will have a Burning Fist weapon for Sabin. continue up.
  • You will fight a Dadaluma boss. Too easy. Keep in mind that the dual-tilt Aura Cannon is quite powerful.
  • In the next room, you'll find two more chests, which should complete your collection of items for the area (check your map to be sure).
  • Talk to Terra in bed for a scene, get the Magicite and exit for another scene. You will have to recreate your party, I like to stick with Locke/Celes/Sabin/Edgar.
  • Be sure to equip Magicite, as you gain stats when you level up with some Magicite equipped. Keep that in mind. Also, the Stamina stat is useless, don't bother training it.

8. The Opera Sequence

To wake up

  • Go back to Jidoor. The only thing that can be done here is to talk to the person inside the mansion and then examine the letter. Then exit and head to the Opera House to the south.

opera sequence

  • There are no items here, no random encounters, so it's mostly a sequence of events.
  • First talk to the businessman for a scene.
  • Then, once the opera starts and you gain control of Locke, head to the dressing room for a cutscene.
  • During Celes' song, you'll need to remember lines. They are:
    • oh my hero...
    • I am the darkness...
    • should my...
    • You then have to button press some very light QTEs for the rest of the song.
  • You will eventually regain control of Locke. Read the letter on the dressing room floor, then head back to the manager in the auditorium.
  • You have 5 minutes to stop Ultros. Go to the NE room and talk to the stage manager. Activate only the far right button, don't touch the others. Then return to the auditorium and head through the NW door.
  • You have to go Ultros. Fight one of the enemies to add Goetia and Stunner to your bestiary, but try to avoid them for timing issues.
  • Ultros is easy.
  • After a few cutscenes, you are now on Setzer's airship. Talk to him and you'll find yourself on a new continent to the south.

9. O Southern Continent (Albrook, Maranda, Tzen, Vector)

  • There are several new enemies on this continent.
    • Joker (grass)
    • don (erva)
    • insect (desert)
    • Fossil Dragon (desert if you don't already have it)
    • Chicken Litwor (Forest)
    • Wyvern (forest, grass)
    • Grasswyrm (grass, west side)
  • Your ultimate goal is Vector in the middle of the continent, but you can get into Albrook to the south, Maranda to the west, Tzen to the north, and even an Imperial Lookout to the east.
  • You can't do anything at the Observation Post yet, except fight a Sergeant and Mega Armor, Proto Armor if you want to add it to your bestiary now.
  • In Albrook, there is an item in the bar clock and an item in the weapon shop, two chests in the armor shop, and an item in a barrel near the inn. There are also new weapons and armor. There is an item that you will not be able to obtain in the port yet.
  • In Maranda, there is an item in a crate to the west and an item in a crate to the SE. The weapon selection here is also a bit different.
  • There's nothing unique about Tzen, but be sure to visit for the Walking Adventurer achievement.
  • Also, be sure to visit a Chocobo stable near Maranda and another Chocobo stable near Tzen to get the Adventure Walker achievement.
  • Also, join BlackJack if it counts towards the scout achievement. He also has a shop and a free cure.
  • When you're done fighting enemies, buying items, and exploring nearby towns, enter Vector in the center of the continent.


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  • Talk to a soldier to fight a sergeant and Belzecue if you like, but you'll encounter a lot of them later on.
  • Speak with a Magitek soldier to fight a Proto Armor and Onion Knights if you like, but you'll encounter a lot of them later on.
  • There are no items and the stores have nothing to offer if you go to Maranda/Tzen.
  • To continue, talk to an old man near a box to the east. Then jump onto the rafters and head north.

Fábrica Magitek

  • This is a dungeon area with 12 chests. Since this dungeon is a bit more complex, I'll give you step-by-step instructions.
    • Proto Armor (first two rooms)
    • Onion Knight (first two rooms)
    • Sergeant (first two quarters)
    • Belzecue (first two bedrooms)
    • Flan (Esper Room)
    • Trapper (staircase room after Espers)
    • General (Stair Room after Espers)
  • Go down two flights of stairs and go straight left into a pipe. You'll end up near a chest with Flametongue (1/12).
  • Then wait for the right hook to approach and use it to cross the space. Then down the tube to the SE to an ether (2/12).
  • Then, go down the pipe next to that one. You'll end up near an X potion (3/12).
  • Go east across the conveyor belt for a Thunder Blade (4/12). Then head south for some medicine (5/12). Jump on the nearby transporter to go to the next screen.
  • Don't go on the transporter to the right yet. Instead, go SW a bit to Dragoon Boots (6/12). Then head upstairs and through a door to a different section of the first room. Take the Golden Shield (7/12).
  • Go back to the second room (before getting the Dragon Boots) and go up the stairs at the top right. You'll see a bunch of crates, and there's a secret path between some of them (use your map).
  • In this secret room, you'll find Icebrand (8/12) and Zephyr Cloak (9/12). Jump back to the secret passage and continue south. You'll end up near the transporter you've avoided so far.
  • [Quick save just in case as the next transporter sometimes fails]. Take the east transporter now. You'll end up watching a cutscene with Kefka. Once that's done, go to the elevator on the right side (NOT the transporter on the left, yet). Take the store (10/12).
  • Then continue south to the southernmost gate. Here is a hidden chest with golden armor (11/12).
  • On the SW side of the map is one last chest with a Golden Helm (12/12).
  • Then go down the transporter that Kefka threw at the espers.
  • Then you will see Ifrit and Shiva. Before fighting them, save/heal in the west room.
  • After picking up Shiva and Ifrit (make sure you pick them up!), go through the ladder.

Magitek Research Center

  • After entering the room at the top of the stairs, you're technically in a new area according to your maps, so I have a new section here.
  • There is one more chest. In this room, there are 5 pipes (check your map). On a hidden wall south of the leftmost pipe is a chest with a Stoneblade.
  • Be sure to fight the enemies here as well.
    • Destroyer
    • The energy
  • After picking up the Stoneblade and making sure you've found all the enemies in the Magitek Factory and the Magitek Research Facility, head into the next room.
  • Here you will fight the number 024. He has a bloodsword and a rune sword that you can steal if you want, but both are weapons that you can get in other ways.
  • After beating number 024, go up and click the button for a cutscene. Then head to the elevator with Cid for another cutscene.
  • After reaching the end of the elevator, save in the room on the left, heal up and talk to Cid for a minecart event. You'll have a few forced encounters with Magna Roader (two different versions) and then a boss fight with the number 128. You can steal Kazekiri from that boss, but you'll also find this item in a chest later on.
  • After this event, you'll return to Vector, near a save point.Before going anywhere, fight the save point until you fight a Chaser, a normal random encounter that you only find here.
    • Hunter (make sure you pick it up!)
  • After that, head south a bit to meet Setzer, a cutscene, and another boss fight.
  • When you fight the Crane boss, you have a chance to steal a Debuff item for Edgar right away, but you also have a chance to buy it later.

Esper Retrospective

  • After more scenes, you'll end up in a flashback sequence about Terra. There are no items here, so just talk to the NPCs to progress through the sequence until you return to the present.
  • Now you have an airship! Before doing anything else, head back to Narshe.

10. Exploitation of aircraft


  • You will automatically see a cutscene. Once you're in control, go to the warehouse that had the last chest you didn't get before. You'll find Lone Wolf the Pickpocket. Be sure to open the now empty chest (so it counts towards the item collection), follow Lone Wolf through town, north of the mine, and then near the crystallized esper.
  • When you're close to Lone Wolf, wait a bit and Mog will start moving. You then have the option of having Mog on your team or a golden hairpin. Choose Mog, of course, you'll get two more golden hair clips. Return to the airship.
  • Mog can learn dances based on the arena he fights in. Each different type of location can teach Mog a different dance. Feel free to get them now.
    • Twilight Requiem (Dig it up if you didn't get it earlier during Defend Terra's opening segment)
    • Rhapsody of the Wind (hierba)
    • Night Forest (Forest)
    • Desert lullaby (desert)
    • Love Serenade (city area, like Zozo)
    • Earth Blues (mountainous areas such as Mount Kolts)
    • Harmony of the Waters (River Lethe or Cova da Serpente)
      • This one is a little rarer. After crossing the river or trench, you will have to return to your airship the long way around. Personally, I started at the River Lethe (access from the Returner's hideout), then Phantom Forest, then Veldt, then Crescent Mountain Cave, then Serpent Trench, then sailed to South Figaro, then Mount Kolts, back to your airship.
    • There is one more dance in the game, Snowman Rondo, but that will have to wait.

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There are no items here yet, but talk to a guy hiding near the trees at the back and spend 3000 Gil for one.Serafin Magicite. This is a great esper for this point in the game.

To wake up

  • The auction house here is now open. If you have money, you can get the following items.
    • Angel Ring (a relic that grants floating status)
    • Angel Wings (a relic that grants Regen status)
    • Zone finder (magicite)
    • Golem (magicita)


  • First, go through the forest west of Veldt to add Grenade to your bestiary.
    • To control:You should have anywhere from 1 to 86 monsters for your Bestiary at this point, maybe 93 if you fought a Mega Armor at the Observation Post. If you didn't, you'll get it later.
  • Feel free to farm AP and Gil on Veldt (since it doesn't give you EXP, which you'll want to save most levels for when you have good Espers for better stats)
  • Get Gau Rages while you're at it.


  • Thamasa is a city in the east-central part of the continent. There's not much you can do here right now, but you can get 5/6 items from barrels outside. The sixth item you will receive later.
  • Some bestiary entries from the outside world now
  • Near Tamasa:
    • Briareus (can steal Gaia Gear)
    • Chimera
    • Eater
  • northwest of iceland
    • Intangir- This enemy is very difficult at this point in the game. Cast Stop to help. However, you'll eventually want to beat him for his bestiary entry. I suggest postponing this for now, but if you want to remove it now, feel free.

11. The Sealed Gate and the Imperial Banquet

imperial observation post

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  • Nothing here, keep to the right.

sealed door cave

  • Before entering here, make sure Terra and Locke learn the Fire, Blizzara, and Heal spells for later. In addition, you will soon be able to spend a good amount of money on new equipment, so it's worth stocking up a little.
    • The best place to do this is a Veldt, as you don't gain EXP (and you don't have to worry about esper leveling bonuses, you just gain AP and money).
  • Another dungeon area, let me take a few steps.
    • Antares (first cave)
    • Lich (first cave)
    • Provocateur (first cave)
    • Outcast (all caves)
    • Zombie Dragon (B2F and B3F)
  • Get the chest with Assassin's Dagger and continue south.
  • Take the chest from Kazekiri and continue south.
  • Here, the bridges will alternate between two different positions, with some squares shared in each position (as in, these squares are always present).
    • Run to the square south of the nearby 'T' bridge and wait there, you'll see what I mean.
  • Once you understand that, get the Heiji's Jitte from the SW chest, the X-Potion from the NE chest, and continue through the SE door.
  • In the next room, follow the SE path for a chest with a Hi-Ether. Then go back and go down the stairs.
  • Continue down the path until you're on a bridge with a switch. Hit him. you'll fall down. Get the Genji Gloves from a chest to the northwest, then continue east.
  • You will see three switches. Click on the leftmost one to open a door with a save point and buy it from a chest. To save. Then click the center button to fight a Ninja. Then click the right button and go down the big stairs.
  • Examine each piece of land for the four items in your item collection (three in the clearing at the bottom of the stairs, one in the nearby chest... Also take the item from the nearby chest with a Hi-Ether). Than continue.
  • After going through a cave, get an Elixir to the south. Ignore the nearby switches and head south, and hit the switch there. You will open a room with 4 chests.
    • Note: Ultima Weapon has a higher attack based on the user's HP.
  • Go east, go up two bridges, click the button, then E, then N (ignore the other button), get the chest with the Magicite Shard, which should complete your collection of items here. Continue to the end.
  • You'll see some cutscenes at the Sealed Gate. Then go south and exit the dungeon.
  • Head back through the Imperial Lookout for a few more cutscenes. Eventually, you'll be near the Blackjack that landed near Maranda.
  • Head to Vector.


  • I recommend doing a Save before entering Vector.
    • Soon you will have a sequence in which you will have to find 24 soldiers, as well as correctly answer questions during a feast. If you do this ideally, you can earn a Ward Bangle relic as the best reward.
  • Head north through Vector and you'll be invited to speak with the Emperor. You will be asked to speak to 24 soldiers within 4 minutes, before the feast begins.
    • To be honest, as long as you don't play the SNES version, this is pretty easy as you move pretty fast. You easily get them all in about half that time. There are 24 soldiers in total, and some will fight you. Go south all the way to the end to talk to the soldiers, then you can basically go around the area and into the rooms to talk to the rest.
  • Again, there are 24 soldiers. There are also 5 chests you can collect (you can also get them later so you don't miss them).
  • Seriously, this should be really easy to do. Worst case scenario, you might have to reload from 5 minutes ago if you can't find all 24 soldiers.
  • Once you've found them all, wait for the feast to begin. If you're playing Pixel Remaster, I'd suggest a quick save here in case it ruins the next part.
  • You have to give the following answers to get maximum points:
    • To our homelands.
    • Leave him in jail.
    • That was inexcusable.
    • Celes is one of us!
    • [You will have a choice of three questions. Please ask each question here once, but never more than once.]
      • REMEMBER THE QUESTION YOU ASKED FIRST. You will have the option to ask more and do it, and make sure you ask all three questions once.
    • bom
    • They went a little too far.
    • [The first question you asked a moment ago]
    • (Rest.)
    • [During the break, fight the soldiers near the Emperor. This should be a pretty easy fight. Then go back to your seat.]
    • That your war is really over.
    • Sim
  • After a few cutscenes, head south. You should obtain the following rewards:
    • All Imperial troops withdrawn south of Figaro
    • All Imperial troops withdrawn from Doma
    • Armory at Imperial Observation Post Unlocked
    • relic of fate
    • Guardian's Bracelet Relic
  • As long as you have all of these, you'll get the best reward. If not, reload a previous save and try again.
  • Obtain all 5 chests in the Imperial Palace if you haven't already.
  • Now you only have control of Locke and Terra. You can go to Blackjack for an optional cutscene with Setzer. I suggest doing this if it counts towards the Adventurous Walker achievement.
  • Head to the Imperial Observation Post and enter the lone building. You can collect all chests here, including an item in the oven. One of the chests is hidden in the bottom corner. You will finish your collection of items for the area.

12. Thamasa and the Cave of Esper


  • In Albrook you can finally go to the harbor. In one of the crates near the harbor entrance is the fourth item here, finally completing your collection of items here.
  • Talk to Leo and head to the inn for a scene. She then returns to Leo. You'll see more cutscenes on the ship, you may need to talk to nearby NPCs or party members to continue. Eventually, you'll end up near Thamasa again.


  • The stores here have a lot of good and expensive things. If you've spent time catching Rages or training Esper magic on the Veldt, you might have quite a bit of cash to spend.
  • Enter the NE house and talk to Strago for a cutscene. You can then go up to the second floor and get the last item on the left wall, around a lump in the wall, a Memento Ring, completing the Item Collection for Thamasa.
  • Then enter the inn and spend the night. Then you'll see scenes where you have to save Relm from a burning mansion.
  • The only enemies here are balloons, so hopefully Terra and Locke have some Blizzara magic like I hinted at earlier. Make sure Strago is well equipped (his Aqua Breath comes in handy here).
  • Here it follows the linear path.There are two chests to pick up, which can be missed, so make sure you pick them up.. When you reach the first fork, go through the door on the right. Then go back through the right door toflame rod. The next fork is the same, enter the door on the right to aVara de gelo. Then continue to the end. Defeat Flame Eater (use Ice).
  • After the cutscenes, you will be tasked with heading to the Esper Caves.

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(Video) #FinalFantasy Final Fantasy Adventure - ULTIMATE GUIDE - ALL Areas, ALL Bosses, ALL Secrets, 100%

Esper Caverns

  • More enemies to get here.
    • Bonnacon (inside the cave)
    • Land Grillion (outside the cliffs)
    • Adamankary (inside of cave)
    • Mandragora (outside the cliffs)
    • Venobennu (outside the cliffs)
  • Grab the nearby chest for a Healing Rod, then head east.
  • Continue down the path for a few cutscenes and finally a boss fight with Ultros. Hit him with Fira/Thundara and in the middle of the battle Relm will appear. Use your Sketch ability to finish the battle.
  • Then continue until you reach a room with three patches on the floor. Drop down through the correct patch and follow the path for an X-Potion. Then go back, jump off the ledge and go back to the Patch Room.
  • Go down the north patch this time, then get a chest from the north and west rooms.
    • This should round out your collection of items here.
  • Then go back to the patch room and go down the south patch. When you're ready, continue through several long cutscenes.
  • Once you are in control of Leo, simply talk to Kefka to fight him and use Shock 4 or 5 times.
  • After more cutscenes, you'll finally be in control of your aircraft.

13. World of Balance Summary

Strago's Tradition

  • Strago is a blue mage and can learn certain spells from enemies just by seeing him (as if he were participating in a battle). Here are some that you can get right now. All this can also be obtained later.
    • white wind- Venobennu (will be used alone)
    • Roulette- Onion Knight (Make Relm use Sketch)
    • Self destruction- Any Bomb-type enemy, or Onion Knight (have Relm draw a Bomb-type enemy)
    • Transfusion- First you have to beat Intangir on the NE island, which is now the last chance you have to do that. Then you need to find him on the Veldt and make Gau learn anger towards him. Then have Gau use Intangir Rage when Strago is at the party.
    • traveler- Cast Confuse on an Unseelie. It can be found in the Veldt or between Mt. Kolts and Returner Base.
    • discord- Satellite or Chaser will eventually use this on their own (found in Veldt)
    • condemn- Have Gau learn Zombie Dragon's rage and use it on Strago at the party.
    • Lv. 5 death- Trapper (found in Veldt, will be used alone)
    • Nv. 4 bengals- Trapper (found in Veldt, will be used alone)
    • Lv. 3 confuse- Trapper (found in Veldt, try Relm's Sketch)

castle house

  • Now that the Imperial soldiers are gone, you can explore here and grab all 4 chests and 2 items, completing your loot collection.

World of Balance Final Check

  • At this point, you should have bestiary entries #001 through #103, plus #112.
  • Make sure you have 4 Chocobo Stables on the map, as well as Dragon's Neck Cabin, for the Adventurous Wayfarer achievement.
  • Train some magic on the Veldt too. You can never have too much magic or money.

14. The Floating Continent

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On the way to the floating continent

  • Before choosing to go to the floating continent, be sure to stock up on items, teach Strago and Relm magic (fight on Veldt), visit all locations on the map, and check that you have obtained all but a few items. in Narshe Mines or anywhere else that lights up in the World of Ruin.
  • When ready, select Go to the Floating Continent when in Blackjack. You will have to choose three people to go with.
  • If you want to get some more Blue Magic Lore, have Strago along, otherwise choose your best characters, preferably all with Fira/Blizzara/Thundara/Cura and Bio.
  • During this sequence, you will be sitting in the airship and from time to time you will fight enemies Sky Armors and Spitfire, which are weak to Lightning.
  • After a few battles, Ultros will appear from the back of the ship. Fight him using Fira. Then Typhon will appear, which is weak to Blizzara.
  • After that battle, you'll have one more with Air Force, which is weak to Lightning and Water.
    • Note for the bestiary, you need to get the laser gun, Missable Bay and Bit. However, you need Bit to show up.
    • In Pixel Remaster, this works a little differently. You have to destroy the laser gun and ONLY the laser gun, then the Bit will appear. If you don't, the Bit entry will be lost. Make sure you get it!

floating continent

  • The enemies here are pretty tough, but most have a weakness. Don't be ashamed to run away if you have to.
    • Behemoth (US Blizzara)
    • Dragon (using Thundara)
    • platinum dragon
    • Misfit (play a Phoenix Down)
    • Apocrypha (cast a Phoenix Down)
    • Brainpan (uses Fira, can use 1000 needle knowledge for Strago to learn)
    • Ninja (should have done this before however I think you want to find them again for Veldt purposes)
    • Gigantos (Monster-in-a-box, use Bio)
  • It doesn't look like it, but the Floating Continent is mostly linear. Sometimes a path opens up by approaching a dead end or pressing a button. Shadow will join you here.
  • From the save point, head east and up the stairs, and continue along the path until you reach a blue orb, a chest with a Murasame in it.
  • From here, continue east to the next chest. This has a monster in a Gigantos box, which is weak to Bio.
  • Go back to a jag in the north wall to open a path, then stand in the center of the platform to be taken to a new location.
  • Go south and stand on the west platform. Then go SW and step on the switch. Then go north and up the stairs for another switch to hit.
  • Take the shortcut you just took to the lower end of the continent and continue following the path. You'll eventually run into another new switch, which opens up a new path, but don't go there yet.
  • Instead, here east for a third blue orb with a beret. South of here, you can stand on a platform to reach a save point. Then enter the path taken by the switch.
  • Soon, you will have the option to return to Blackjack. Do this if you want to change characters for whatever reason, but keep in mind that you'll have to go through the Floating Continent again. This is a good time to get 1000 Lore Needles from Brainpan if you have Strago with you (you can always get that later too).
  • Before doing anything else, make sure you've added each of the above enemies to your bestiary and have 3/4 chests for your collection. You'll get the fourth chest during the escape sequence.
  • In addition to where you see Blackjack, you'll be fighting the Ultima Weapon. It has no obvious weaknesses, but keep in mind that Slow is definitely worth using. Use your strongest attacks, make Shadow cast scrolls for solid damage, and dedicate someone to heal.
  • Strago can learn 1000 Brainpan needles. They will use it eventually, just a little bit infrequently.

Escape from the floating continent

  • After beating the Ultima Weapon, head north for a long cutscene. Once you're back in control, you'll need to escape within six minutes. That's a long time.
  • The path is linear, go to it and you'll have to fight some Naude along the way (use Fire or Lightning)
  • Pay attention here. Eventually, you'll see the last blue chest.GO DOWN THE STAIRS, BUT NOT TO THE CHEST. If you do, the platform will fall and you will lose it.
  • Instead, take the long way to the chest with an Elixir. This should complete your collection of items for the floating continent.
  • Examine the glow for a fight with Nelapa. Don't use magic as it has Reflect. Instead, just use your strongest physical attacks.
  • Get to the end of the ledge and you'll see Blackjack.CHOOSE TO WAIT.Keep waiting, don't worry about the timer. Eventually Shadow will return and you'll be good to go. If you don't wait, Shadow will be lost forever.
  • A bunch of scenes later, and you're in the World of Ruins. To clean.

15. Welcome to the World of Ruins

lonely island

  • Save before doing anything else. During this sequence, you have a chance to save Cid's life, but if you fail, he will die.
  • This doesn't affect anything in the game, but if you want to make sure you save Cid's life, you have to be careful about the fish you feed.
  • Simply put, fast fish will heal you, slow fish will hurt you. Only catch the fast fish, basically the fast moving ones.
  • To refresh the fish in the ocean, you must feed Cid the fish you catch. You may need to occasionally feed him some medium speed fish to refresh what is available in the ocean. You'll see his message improve over time, I hope.
  • Once that's done, you'll see some cutscenes.
  • Nothing to do in Albrook, go to Tzen.

Albrook/Tzen supramundial area

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  • I should point out that in World of Ruins, you can do many things in whatever order you like. This guide will list a sensible order to approach your group's recovery.
  • Before you worry about that, you might want to get Sabin from Tzen.
    • Rukh (grass, weak to ice)
    • Moon Wolf (grass)
    • Gigantoad (Grass, weak to Ice)
    • Murussu (Grass, weak to Lightning)
    • Fafnir (Grass, Forest, weak to Ice)
    • Killer Mantis (Forest, weak to Fire)
    • Peeper (arena)
    • ground lightning (sand)


  • Save before doing anything. You will have to save a child from a collapsing building. There are 3 enemies and 8 chests,all loser.
  • This is pretty easy, just make sure you collect all the items and fight all three enemies for your bestiary.
    • Scorpion
    • Only
    • Nightwalker (weak to fire)
  • Sabin joins! Now go to Nikeah, way to the north.
  • Also enter the nearby Chocobo Stable for the Wayfarer Achievement.

Nikeah Overworld Area

  • More new enemies to get here.
    • Black Dragon (Sand, weak to Fire)
    • Delta Beetle (Grass, fraco para Fire)
    • Devoahan (Grass, weak to Fire)
    • Vampire Thorn (Grass, weak to Fire)
    • Lizard (Grass, weak to Ice)


  • Nikeah has some new items to buy.
  • To continue, go to the bar, talk to a thug at the table and he will leave. Then go back to the market outside and talk toedgarGerad, then follow him. You will end up in South Figaro

16. Edgar, the Castle of Figaro and the Engine Room

Figaro Sul

  • There are some new items to buy here as well. If you haven't grabbed the items from the loot collection before, they will finally be updated here, so grab them now.
  • To continue, talk toedgarRight at the inn.
  • Then head to the South Figaro Cave.

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Upper area of ​​southern Figaro

  • More enemies here.
    • Cancer (Grass/Desert, weak to Ice)
    • Desert Hare (grass, weak to water)
    • Oceanus (Bosque, weak to Lightning)
    • Sandhorse (Desert, weak to Ice)

Figaro Sul cave

  • If you haven't grabbed the chests here up to this point, they will have upgraded items, so grab them. Otherwise, just move on.
    • Cruller (weak to fire/holy)
    • Humpty (weak to fire/holy)
    • collar hunter
    • Dante (rare, supposedly can be found here, found him in Figaro Castle instead)

Dungeon of Figaro Castle

  • Figaro Castle is basically a dungeon at the moment.
  • All of the South Figaro cave enemies can be found here, except for the Dropper, but only in the engine room.
  • This dungeon is pretty easy. Follow the path and you'll see 4 chests. Get them all, then go up the NW door and follow the path to another chest. Go back through the central door N.
    • dante
    • Dropper (Engine Room, weak to lightning)
  • In the engine room you will have to fight four tentacles. Each has different weaknesses.
    • The lower right part is weak to ice.
    • Top-Right has no weaknesses and absorbs Lightning
    • Bottom-Left is weak to Fire.
    • The top left corner has no weaknesses and absorbs Earth.
  • Make sure to grab the enemy Dropper before leaving. Go to the north room and get the Soul Saber from the statue. Then head back to the main castle area a few floors up.
  • After emerging, check your item collection. You should FINALLY have everything for Figaro Castle.
  • Talk to the old man and move the castle to Kohlingen. Then head towards Kohlingen to the northwest.

17. Tomb of Setzer and Darill


  • Some new weapons and armor to buy. Then talk to Setzer at the bar. That is all.

Kohlingen overworld area

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  • More new enemies!
    • berry (herb)
    • Profound Eye (Forest, weak to Fire)
    • Marchosia (Grama)
    • Mouse (Grass)
    • Cancer (Sand, weak to Ice if you haven't caught it before)
    • Sandhorse (Sand, weak to Ice if you didn't get it earlier)
  • Enter the Chocobo Stable and Coliseum to the NE to mark them on your map. Otherwise, head to Darill's Grave southwest of Kohlingen.

Darill's Tomb

  • Most of the enemies here can be taken down with a Phoenix Down, except for Malboro.
    • Borghese
    • cloud spectrum
    • skeletal terror
    • Exoray (B2F, B3F)
    • Malboro (B2F, B3F)
  • From B1F, go south to B2F.
  • There is a split path here. Head to the SE door to get a Genji Helm.
  • Head to the SW door for a Crystal Mail, continue down the stairs for a Royal Dress and continue to a switch. Press it.
  • Go back to the fork and take the NE door. Talk to the tombstone and continue. Press the switch.
  • Go back to the partition and take the middle S door. Jump on the turtle to continue. Continue until you see four graves. Examine each of them.
  • Go back to the fork and take the NW door. Gracefully engrave the letters in this order: WEHT, DLRO, QSSI, ERAU. You will receive a message.
  • Go back to the split and take the SW gate again. Continue to B3F again. From the open chest (which had a royal dress), continue towards the wall. You should see a path for a growth egg.
  • Go back to the split and take the middle S door again. Mount the turtle. Then press the button and ride the second turtle and go through the door. There are two chests here and a save point. Except, one of the chests has an Angler Whelk boss. He is susceptible to death by chainsaw.
  • You should have 6/6 chests now for your item collection.
  • The boss in the next room is Dullahan. This guy is reasonably tough, the trick is to use Celes Runic wisely while timing your Fira spells and other strong attacks to take him down.

18. Ciano and Monte Zozo

  • Checkpoint - At this point, you should have Bestiary entries #001 through #147. Airship time!
  • You want to go to Maranda, which is on the SW mainland.


  • There are many good things here. Even if you've been farming on the Veldt for a while, you might not have enough to buy some of the good equipment.
  • All you have to do is talk to Lola in the house to the east and accept her request to send her a letter.
  • Talk to the bird outside, then you'll be on your way from Zozo to the NW.

Overworld Area Maranda/Jidoor/Zozo

  • Enemies here are relatively tough at this point. They're not going anywhere, so you can't lose them.
  • We'll do some Jidoor stories later.
    • Crawler (Grass, weak to Ice)
    • Speedster (Grass, fraco para Lightning)
    • Lycaon (Herba)
    • Great Mantis (Grass/Forest, weak to fire)
    • Leap Frog (Grass, weak to Ice)
    • Basilisk (Grass, weak to Ice)
    • Slagworm (Desert, weak to Ice)
    • Cactuar (Desert, use a tool like Drill to hit it)

Black bird

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  • Enemies in the city area are the same as before.
  • Talk to the person next to the Inn and buy the Rust-Rid for 1000 gil.
  • Go to the pub, go to the top and enter the door on the left.

Mount Zozo

  • The enemies here are not very reliable, so equip Sniper Eyes.
    • Devil's Fist (outside the cliffs)
    • Mugbear (outside the cliffs)
    • Punisher (inside a cave or off cliffs, weak to fire)
    • Luridan (off cliffs, weak to fire)
    • Glasya Labolas (inside the cave or outside the cliffs)
  • If you check your map you will clearly see 4 chests. Get them all. Then go to the top left room and get the fifth chest.
  • Continue on and you'll see a room with a switch and a chest at the top, as well as a save point. Clicking the button will release the Storm Dragon from the chest.
  • He rushes to Storm Dragon to fight. It can be quite difficult at this point in the game. I suggest double-earring Celes cast Thundara, equip Thunder Shield, and leave everyone else in charge of healing. You will receive Force Armor for winning. You can always come back later.
  • So, continue on and you'll find Cyan. He will join after a scene. Then head back to the cliff where you found him to get a key. You can open the last chest with this, completing your collection of items for the area.
  • There is an optional cutscene if you return to Lola in Maranda with Cyan in your party.

19.Uwao! Wow! I am Gau! Your friend! (also earth)


  • Get Gau on the Veldt. The same.
  • The Veldt is the NE continent, south of some mountains. You'll know you're in the right place on the map when the usual music plays.
  • Train here for a while if you want Gil, AP or Rages.


  • Mobliz is south of Veldt and is the easternmost city on the map. Go there.
  • It also passes by Chocobo Stable to the south (for the exploration achievement).
  • Enter the house in the center of the village. Talk to Terra for a few scenes and eventually Terra will fight Humbaba.
  • Earth has to lose this fight. Then your group will fight, but Humbaba will flee.
  • After a few more scenes, he leaves town. You'll get Fenrir magic along the way.
  • Re-enter the village (since you already have the Falcon, you can do the second part right away).
  • Get the item from a barrel near the west house and head inside. You'll find Duane here, talk to him, then head inside the stairwell hidden behind the bookshelf.
  • After a cutscene, you'll fight Humbaba. It is weak to Bio. After a few turns, he'll eliminate some party members, but Terra will join in. Now defeat him.
  • After a few more scenes, Terra will return for good.
  • One last thing, get an item from the basement where you saw Terra and Katarin just now, and that should give you 3/3 items for your item collection.

20. Owzer, Relm e Strago

Jidoor / Owzer's Mansion

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  • The Jidoor Auction House has some new things to get, but we'll leave it at that for now. You want to go to the mansion at the top.
  • At Owzer's mansion, try going up the stairs to see a cutscene. Then check the book on the table. Then check the lights at the base of the stairs. Then go up again.
  • You are now in a dungeon area. Many of these enemies you will face in fixed fights.
    • Rafflesia
    • misty
    • sword dancer
    • cat heart
    • Crusher
    • caladrius
    • sword dancer
    • Dead nature
  • Examine the flower painting to fight Rafflesia.
  • Examine the portrait of the woman to fight Mistys and continue.
  • In the next room, examine the painting on the chair to fight Blade Dancer and Coeurl Cats. Then take the left door to the Moogle Suit.
  • In the next room, go behind the doors for a Lich Ring. Then go through the door on the left.
  • Stand under each of the shadows to fight 4 battles, which will open 4 chests and complete your loot collection for the area.
  • Then examine the armor painting to fight Still Life (weak to Fire).
  • You'll soon fight a boss. Use fire on the painting when it looks like a demon (not a woman). Otherwise, just heal yourself. Relm will join!

torre do cultista

  • Use the Falcon to fly to the Cultist's Tower in the center of the map.
  • Bring Relm and Strago will join you. Don't try to enter the tower yet.

21. Narshe, Mog e Umaro


  • Narshe is on the west side of the NW continent. Enter with three (not four) characters. There are enemies in the city and nearby caves.
    • Garm (Narshe)
    • Test Pilot (Narshe)
    • Yellow (Narshe)
    • Magician (Mina Narshe)
    • Psychopaths (Mina Narshe)
    • Magna Roader (marrom, Narshe Mine)
    • Magna Roader (Amarelo, Mina Narshe)
  • Return to the Moogle Room in Narshe Mines (which is at the west entrance, accessed from Arvis's house) to recruit Mog. Also pick up the items you dropped at the start of the game, which have been fully upgraded.
  • Examine the space behind where Mog was standing to find Molulu's Charm, which negates random encounters but can only be equipped to Mog.
    • This should finally be able to complete the item collection here.
  • Now head through the northern part of Narshe towards the northern mines and follow the path to the end.
    • Have Mog learn Snowman Rondo at Narshe Cliffs, which should be her last dance move.
  • You will see the Ice Dragon flying. The best way to kill him is to use Confusion and Fire attacks.
  • You will then fight the crystallized esper from the start of the game: Valigarmanda. It is also weak to fire.
  • This will open the Yeti Cave dungeon. Access it by examining the ledge at the top of the cliff.

Cavern yeti

  • Navigating this cave is easier just by looking at the map. Keep in mind that Molulu's Charm is great for removing encounters if you're trying to move around. Remember, you need Mog here.
    • Anemone (B3)
    • Iluyankas (B1, B2)
    • Nudoso (B2)
    • Onion chopper (B1, B3)
    • Tzakmaquiel (B2)
    • Tonberry
      • Note that the Tonberry in the monster's chest is a different bestiary entry than the randomly found Tonberry, so defeat both.
  • Keep in mind that darker tiles will take you down to the bottom tier, although it's easy to get back.
  • This cave is fairly easy to navigate using your map.
  • The chest on the SW side of B2 has 3 Tonberries. These guys are reasonably tough. I think it's best if Celes, with two earrings, crafts Fira (you can train to get Firaga in Veldt if you like).
    • He wants Edgar to use the Flash. All others to heal.
    • You have a chance to get Minerva Bustier as a drop, great armor for Terra and Cele. In fact, I'd suggest at least getting one. You can get two. You can also get this item later, but it's great to get it now.
  • At the end, you'll find the Yeti's cave, with straw on the floor. Quick save and examine the Midgardsormr Magicite armor, and you'll fight a boss. Yeti is also weak to fire.
  • As long as Mog is with you, Umaro will join you later.

22. Shadow, Locke e Gogo

  • I don't have a more catchy title for this section. Now we have Shadow and then Locke and then Gogo. Enter the Cave in the Veldt, which is a cave in the Veldt.

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Caverna no Veldt

  • Follow the Interceptor to the door at the top. Only a few enemies here.
    • Death Guardian (Monster in a Box)
    • Twinscythe (weak to fire)
    • Gorgimera (below)
  • Grab the nearby chest for a Berserker Ring, then go west and south to a ladder.
  • Take the chest to the west that has a monster in a box. You have a chance to obtain a Tiger Fang Claw for Sabin. Then go down the stairs.
  • Follow the one-way path south to the next area. Then, in the next area, hit the switch and get the last chest with Ichigeki in it, which will give you 3/3 to your item collection.
  • Go through the newly opened passage to reach Shadow. You will fight two Behemoth Kings. They are weak to fire.


  • After a few cutscenes, head to the Colosseum on the northwest side of the world map. Bet on the Ichigeki you just won, defeat Shadow and he'll be back on your team.
  • By betting certain items on the Colosseum, you can get different items in return. You can see a list of betshere.

Overworld area around Thamasa

  • Thamasa is the most SE continent
    • Gloomwind (Grass, weak to Ice)
    • Vasegiatta (forest)
    • Purusa (Grama)

phoenix cave

  • Phoenix Cave is the place surrounded by mountains north of Tzen.
  • You need two teams here. Let's call them Party A and Party B.
    • Face (floor without lava, weak to ice)
    • Necromancer (floor without lava, weak to fire)
    • Zeveak (non-lava ground, weak to ice)
    • Clymenus (I'll wash the salad alone)
    • Galypdes (non-lava ground, rare, weak to ice)
    • Seaflower (lava floor, weak to ice)
    • Ouroboros (lava floor, weak to ice)
    • Chaos Dragon (lava floor, weak to ice)
  • A: Step on the switch in front of you.
  • B: Go through the door, ignore the chest on the left, step on the switch to the north.
  • A: Go through the new door and step on the switch.
  • B: Go north, east and south to another switch.
  • A: Go southeast and grab as many chests as you can nearby. Go down the stairs. Go NW, get a chest, press a switch, then go back S, E, then north, grabbing a chest along the way.
  • B: Go west, down the stairs, then south and up another set of stairs. Step on the switch and get the chest you ignored earlier. Now go back to the lava floor, head north towards the rocks and jump across the two sets. Step on the switch, drop down and switch teams.
  • A: Go north to the next area, then go back south and step on the switch.
  • B: Go north to the next area and step on the switch.
  • A: Go north and all the way west, then south to the entrance. Then, in the next area, head west across the rocks, then south, then east. Climb the first set of rocks here for a chest, then climb the second set. Pull the lever.
  • B: Go NW and step on the switch.
  • A: Go S along a new path, you'll see a chest and a red dragon. Defeat the dragon (weak to ice) and get the chest. Then go back and step on the switch to the NW.
  • B: Head S then W and follow the path until you see the stairs. Here, grab the chest in the center to get a ribbon, which should have 9/9 chests in here for your loot collection. Then go up the NW stairs.
  • Follow the path to meet Part A.
  • At this point, have both parties step on the switches back and forth. Then get your favorite S party to finally find Locke, followed by a few cutscenes.

Zone Eater Belly

  • Head to the most NE continent on the map. Here you can find a Zone Eater enemy. It can't be missed and you want to kill one for your bestiary (weak to holy). But you can enter a dungeon if you let it swallow your party.
  • For what it's worth, you can enter this dungeon as many times as you like.
    • Kamui
    • wart
    • secret
    • Amduscias
    • impressive corpse
    • Baalzefón (raro)
  • From where you start, N will exit the dungeon if necessary. Head S, then W. You have to cross the bridges without getting caught. However, get caught once to be played and get two chests (Hi-Ether, Red Jacket).
  • Grab the other three chests along the way, avoiding the enemies on the bridge.
  • When you reach a save point. TO SAVE. Do it.
  • In the next room, you must make your way by placing yourself in holes where the ceiling does not fall. It should be pretty clear. Grab the three chests along the way.
  • In the big room with the chests and bridges, it's pretty self-explanatory. Take the chest, press the button and move on. You must have 9/9 chests for your item collection.
  • Talk to Gogo in the next room and you're done. Use Teleport.

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23. Cyan's Dream Sequence

  • I'm giving this event its own section.

castle house

  • Place Cyan in your group and head to Castle Doma, west of Veldt.
  • You might also want to get Strago in your party, as there's a Lore to get here (although you can get it elsewhere, it's easier here).
  • Head to the left door, then the right door and take a rest.
  • This whole sequence is just one time,make sure you get all enemies and chests.

first dream area

  • It will start with a single character. Go to the left of three doors to get your second character. Then head N towards the door.
  • Drive N again to another door. Then go to the door on the right, where you can get your third teammate. This group of three people is what you have to work with in this dungeon. Head to the NW gate.
    • dragon man
    • Parasite
    • Coco
    • pandora
    • seductive knight
  • Strago can learnNv. ? SantoAlluring Rider (as well as Doom if you haven't already). You can get it later and it shouldn't be missed, but this is arguably an easier place to get it.
  • After obtaining the Bestiary Tickets and Knowledge, head to the other door. Heal up here, then go to S, as you're about to fight the Dream Stooges. Take down Curlax first.

ghost train dream area

  • There are items here, so make sure you pick them up.
    • Al Jabr
    • Suriandro
    • Samurai
    • Coco
    • Parasite (if you haven't entered the first area)
    • Pandora (if you haven't reached the first zone)
  • Direct W to a switch. Press twice and take the Genji Glove from the chest.
  • Continue W, get a Chunk of Metal from the chest in the wild west, then put it in the moving chest and get the Flame Shield. Turn the switch and pay attention to the chest opening/closing pattern.
  • In the next car, go around and press the button. Get a semi-hidden X-Potion from a chest to the S. Follow the path west and get the Ice Shield. Those should be all items in the area, make sure you get them all from the menu.
  • For the switch puzzle, make sure the switches are, left to right, up/down/down. Then go west at the bottom of the screen.
  • The chests should look like you've seen them before, so hit the last button. Continue west.
  • Make sure you have the item collection finalized for this area, as well as the bestiary entries.
  • When you're ready, get into the car's engine, press the first and third switches and get out.

Cave Dream Area (com armadura Magitek)

  • There are 3 new enemies here, make sure you have them. However, there are no articles.
    • pluto armor
    • you
    • Schmidt
  • Head to S for a scene. If you work counterclockwise, you'll never find Cyan. At some point, turn around and go clockwise and go through the door you entered and you should see Cyan. Follow it across the bridge to reach the next area.

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Doma castle dream area

  • All the enemies here are ancient ones, but this is your last chance to get them. All you have to do is heal, save and head to the Throne Room. You will fight Wrexsoul.
    • Al Jabr
    • Samurai
    • Suriandro
    • Coco
  • Wrexsoul is pretty boring. He will possess a character and will not appear again until he is dead or petrified. Kill your own characters (or petrify them) to make Wrexsoul appear. Hit him with ice attacks. Repeat as needed. Soul Savers will simply return when defeated, so ignore them but kill one for the bestiary.

24. World in Ruins - Odds and Endings

Let's learn some skills from Strago Lore

  • Now that we've explored a bit, here are some Lords you can get right now.
    • aerodynamic- Vasegiatta in the forest near Thamasa. Eventually, it will use itself, or you can use Relm's control ability (equipping it with the fake mustache changes Sketch to Control. If Relm is low-level, Control/Sketch can be hard to get).
      • You can also find Marchosias around Narshe.
    • bad breath- Malboro at Darill's Tomb (B2F). You can use Command.
    • mighty guard- Land Ray in the Lonely Island Desert. Since he only has 1 HP and comes with the Sap status, he will die immediately. Use Gale Hairpin to get a Preempt Strike and have Relm Sketch before he dies. Change the battle speed to slow as well.
    • undulator- Leap Frog in Grass on the North-Middle Continent. He cannot be used with Sketch or Control, so wait until he does the skill himself.

Lonely Island (del Cid)

  • Just catch Quetzalli's magic on the beach.

Old Castle Cave

  • To get to the Old Castle, go to Figaro Castle and ask the old man to move you to another location. On the way, you will get stuck. Instead of talking to the man to keep him moving, head to the prison cells.
  • Note that this cave can be revisited. There are six items to collect. Most can be easily found with your map.
    • Devil
    • Boredom
    • figaro lizard
  • Strago can learn Tsunami from Enuo. They will use it when they are the last enemy on the field.
  • East and south through a door, and there's a monster chest in a box with a Master Tonberry. It can be difficult. I recommend using Stop/Slow and hitting him with magic. Use Libra to see which item is also weak as it changes.
    • You can always save it for later after you get the Flare/Ultima.
  • Make your way through this cave and you'll end up in the Old Castle.

old castle

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  • You'll see a cutscene upon entering. Go north near the main entrance.
  • Many enemies here are ones you may have encountered before, but some new ones.
    • Lunatys (inside)
    • Armored Gun (Internal)
    • Samurai (out if you haven't already)
    • Suriander (out if you haven't already)
    • Coconut (out if not already available)
    • Devil (out if you haven't already)
    • Figaro Lizard (inside if you don't already have it)
  • West of the main entrance is an opening, and here is a monster chest in a box. Samurai Soul is most easily defeated by confusing it.
  • East of the main entrance is another chest with a Punisher.
  • In the main hall now, go to Odin and examine him for his Magicite.
  • In the room on the left are two more chests.
  • There's a hidden switch to find. Go south 4-5 steps from the throne and you should find a secret button. Press it. Then enter the east room.
  • Here is an X-Ether hidden in a chest. Very soon you will also encounter the Blue Dragon. Defeat him with Lightning.
  • After that, head north and examine Raiden. You can trade Odin for Raiden. Go ahead, do it.
    • To use:none of the spells that Odin has are exclusive to him, so you won't miss anything there. Its +1 Agility bonus is the only Agility bonus in FF6 (not counting the GBA version of Cactuar Esper), but honestly, it's okay to give up.
  • You have to work the long way. All the way back to Figaro.

death glare

  • Now is a good time to kill Deathgaze. He is sitting on the world map in the sky at a random stationary location.
  • To use:He uses level 5 death, so make sure none of your guys are on a level divisible by 5.
  • Fly your airship towards him. The most reliable way to find it is to re-enter the Falcon so it faces north, tilt it slightly left or right (as little as possible) and drive straight ahead. You must be mapping the whole sky and eventually you will find it.
  • When you finally do that, use Fire. It will be removed, but any damage to it remains. Keep running towards him and eventually he will die. You will receive magicite from Bahamut.

Ragnarok and Cursed Shield in Narshe

  • Now that you have Locke, head back to Narshe, as he can open any of the locked doors.
  • Enter the Weapon Shop and go to the back room. You can choose between Ragnarok the Sword or the Esper. I suggest taking Esper, it's a much better option overall as it allows anyone in your group to learn Ultima. So get the Esper unless you really want the Lightbringer sword later on.
  • You can also go into a house north of the weapon shop and talk to an old man there to get a Cursed Shield. The cursed shield gives the user a ton of status effects and lowers stats. however, if you manage to win 256 battles with it equipped, it will eventually become the Paladin's Shield, one of the best in the game.
    • Give the cursed shield wielder a ribbon to help with stats. Also note that you can go ahead and change the shield to other characters, it doesn't reset the counter or anything.

training time

  • At this point, you should consider teaching most of your characters Flare/Ultima and leveling them up a bit. There are 3 more enemies to enter the world map. The forest on the large NE continent has some of the strongest enemies in the game and is good for training.
    • Tumbleweed (plains around Dinosaur Forest)
    • Tyrannosaurus (dinosaur forest)
    • Brachiosaurus (dinosaur forest)
  • Be sure to give stat-boosting Espers as you level up. Also, the Stamina Stat is useless, don't bother training it.
  • Honestly, at this point I would highly recommend increasing your stats and magic in the dino forest if you haven't already. It will make everything a lot easier. And you have good espers to get good stats at this point. Enhance magic especially. Having at least 4 characters that can bomb Flare/Ultima is never a bad thing. You can work on turning the Cursed Shield into the Paladin's Shield as you do this.
  • If you're playing the GBA version, you can get Leviathan/Cactuar/Gilgamesh now, but that's beyond the scope of this guide.

torre do cultista

  • In Cultist's Tower, I wholeheartedly recommend using Ultima to bomb everything. Also, before coming here, make sure at least one person has learned Reraise.
  • Also, having 3 or 4 Reflect Rings will help a lot (they can be bought in several places, including Thamasa)
    • Level 10 spell (screens 1, 2 and 3)
    • Level 20 Magic (screens 1 and 2)
    • Level 30 magic (screens 1, 2 and 3)
    • Level 40 magic (screens 1, 2 and 3)
    • Level 50 magic (screens 2 and 3)
    • Level 60 Magic (screens 2, 3 and 4)
    • Level 70 Magic (3rd screen)
    • Level 80 magic (4th screen)
    • Level 90 magic (4th screen)
    • Magic Urn (Anywhere)
  • Climb the tower and go through the first door to find a chest with a Safety Bit. Press a hidden button to the right of the chest.
  • Go down a little towards a secret door with the Air Anchor. This must be Edgar's last tool.
  • Keep going up and enter a third room with a Genji shield.
  • Keep going up and enter a fourth room with a Kagenui Knife and a Holy Dragon. If you have Reflect Rings, this thing is literally harmless.
  • Keep going towards a fifth room with power armor.
  • At the top, you'll get the last chest with a Soul of Thamasa.
  • When you go down, you'll fight the Magic Master. If you have Reflect, it's easy. Be sure to re-raise at least one character, as he will use Ultima as a desperation move, likely destroying your party.
  • You have to work your way back the long way around.

Duncan's Cabin

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  • Enter Duncan's House NE of Narshe with Sabin for a scene where you learn Phantom Rush.


  • Enter a hut on the Dinosaur Forest continent with Gau for an optional cutscene.

Thamasa / Rocha de Ebot

  • Enter Thamasa with Strago and Relm. After a cutscene, you can enter Ebot's Rock north of Thamasa.
  • There are no items here, but there are enemies.
    • Moon shape (any room)
    • Creature (any room)
    • Chicken jellyfish (rooms without coral)
    • Sorath (rooms without coral)
    • Warlock (salas sem coral)
    • Aspidochelon (Coral chest rooms only)
    • Mahadeva (rooms with coral chests only)
  • This is a semi-random dungeon. Basically what you want to do is collect at least 22 pieces of coral from the chests and THEN feed them to the talking chest. If you feed him less, you'll have to start over. Keep opening chests and pressing buttons to change rooms. Chests will be refilled when moving from room to room, you can't miss anything.
  • I suggest taking the enemy list and then putting Mog with the Mogulu charm in your party so you don't have to worry about encounters.
  • Once that's done, you'll fight Hidon.MAKE SURE you get Grand Delta from Hidon, it's the only place you can get Lore. Use Fire (or Ultima, just bomb). Make sure Strago learns Grand Delta from Hidon, and it's the only place to get it.
  • Again, make sure you get Hidon's Grand Delta.


  • Head to the opera house. Talk to the manager, then NE to the stagehand. Flip the third switch. You will fight the Earth Dragon. Attack him.


  • Save up and place a Megaelixir in the coliseum to fight Siegfried (you'll get one from Kefka's Tower if you don't have one now), to add it to your bestiary.

25. Kefka's Tower Final Dungeon

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Kefka's Tower - Enemies List

  • Since this dungeon is long, let me list the enemy list first. None of them are essential, obviously.
  • This is more or less in the order you'll find them. The dungeon is made using three separate teams.
  • Kefka's Tower (outside, any party)
    • Lythos vector
    • primordial dragon
    • big problem
    • big giant
  • Interior area, looks like Magitek Factory (Team 1)
    • Trash
    • Hitman
    • dueling armor
    • fortaleza
  • Indoor area, looks like a jail/bathroom (Team 2)
    • demon knight
    • Cherry
    • Jojimbo
    • Strange
    • dark power
      • Note: Dark Force is a great enemy to learn Lords. More on that later.
  • Interior area, looks like Magitek Factory (Equipment 2)
    • Motor
    • lama mouth
  • Small room before golden dragon (team 2)
    • chimera vector
  • Golden Dragon Room (Team 2)
    • Ahriman
    • Maze
  • Magitek Catwalk Area (Team 3)
    • gama
    • InnoEnviado
    • Prometheus
  • Magitek Factory Area Team 3)
    • Death machine
    • Dueling Armor (if you don't already have it)
    • Fortis (if you haven't already)
  • Small room before Golden Dragon (Team 3)
    • worm
  • Skull Dragon Room (Team 3)
    • Dark Force (if you haven't already)
  • Subway Room (Team 1)
    • Fortis (if you haven't already)
    • InnoSent (if you haven't already)
    • Death Machine (if you haven't already)
    • Metal Hitman (if you don't already have it)
  • Room right after the Tube Room (Team 1)
    • demon dragon

Strago's Tradition

  • Before you do anything else, I'd suggest picking up some of Strago's Lords. Put him on Team 2 and continue until you reach the prison/bathroom. Here you can fight Dark Force.
  • You can get three Lore here. You simply have to wait for the Dark Force to use them. To checkherefor more details.
    • Reflect ???
    • Quasar
    • Lv. ? Saint (if you didn't get it from Alluring Rider)
  • Once you have them, use Teleport to exit and restart.I suggest putting Strago on Team 1. Now let's continue through the actual dungeon.

dungeon walkthrough

  • Team 1
    • Follow the path and get a Hypno Crown (1/16). Continue through the part and you'll find a Fixed Dice (2/16). You'll end up trapped on the other side of a switch.
  • team 2
    • Follow the path to a door. Go W for a Minerna Bustier (3/16). Continue along the path until it forks. Head N to a turnstile (4/16), then follow S.
    • In the bathroom/prison area, you'll see a boss in the cell on the left. This is Last Buster. Attack him.
    • Head to S and follow the path. Eventually you'll see two pipes, take the one on the left. You will end up outside.
    • Drive SW for a strength shield (5/16). Then follow S towards the nearby door. This is the room where Team 1 is. Take the tape (6/16) and press the button, then exit.
    • Back outside, take the Force Armor to the W (7/16), then go to the E gate.
    • You'll find the Golden Dragon. Attack him.
    • Keep going and you'll end up at a switch.
  • time 3
    • Follow the path, open the chest for a Red Cap (8/16). Head through the door and continue north until you reach a walkway room. There is a chest for Nutkin Suit (9/16) and Gauntlet (10/16).
    • Go back south and you'll find another door to the S. Go inside and continue to the W. You'll see a chest with the Hero's Ring (11/16).
    • There's a hidden path to the S here. Get an Aegis Shield (12/16).
    • Continue N and soon you'll see a save point. TO SAVE. You'll fight Inferno on the W stairs. Nuke him.
    • Continue S and you're out. Get the Megalixer (13/16). Hit the glowing chest to open a path for Team 1). Go N for a Rainbow Brush (14/16), then head towards the door.
    • Go to N and fight Skull Dragon. Attack him. Keep going and you'll end up on a Switch.
  • Team 1
    • Head S and continue down the path. Eventually you'll see a chest with Pinwheel (15/16).
    • You will meet with your teams. You'll end up hitting some switches and each team will face a boss.
  • Button Puzzle / Team Division
    • I suggest having Strago on Team 1 as there is another Lore to be lost.
      • Have Team 1 enter the central room, go left and push the 4T block down (get Team 2 out of the way)
      • Have Team 2 go up, go right and push the 4T block down (get Team 3 out of the way)
      • Have Team 3 go up and press the center button (put Team 1 and Time 2 on their buttons), then have Team 3 go down to press one last outer button.
      • Team 1 left, Team 2 right, Team 3 middle
        • Left:Demon (can steal Safety Bit, ONLY PLACE FOR STRAGO TO LEARN FORCE FIELD)
        • BOM:Goddess (can steal Minerva Bustier)
        • Half:Guardian (can steal Strength Armor or Ribbon), Demon (can steal Red Jacket)
      • The last chest is hidden south of Demon, with a ribbon (16/16).
  • When you put each team on their last button. You will fight the final boss.
    • In my opinion, just bombard him with a bunch of Ultima at this point.
  • Congratulations! You should have gotten every achievement in Final Fantasy VI! At the time of writing this article, there were some technical issues related to this, but hopefully they will be fixed soon.
  • Note that once the game is over, you'll be asked to perform a clear save, which will take you out of the dungeon as if you've completed everything up until the final boss encounter. Take this opportunity to collect everything you're missing right now.

All ready? It's time for another adventure! Here's the rest of ourFinal Fantasy minimalist tutorial series:

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  • final fantasia v

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