Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (2023)

Bobbleheads in Fallout 4 are special items that increase certain stats, traits, and weapon strength. They're hidden all over the Wasteland: on shelves, behind piles of trash, and scattered on desks.

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Finding them on your own is an adventure, but if you're missing that bobblehead then this guide to all the bobblehead locations is infollow 4It will help you complete your collection.

S.P.E.C.I.A.L bobble heads

These bobble heads boost your special abilities like Strength, Perception, and Luck. They are vital to manythe extravagant buildings in Fallout 4and give you a blanket update that will last throughout your run.


Bobblehead Force - Mass Fusion Building

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (1)

You can't miss the Mass Fusion building. It is huge, with a large spire at the top, and is by far the largest monument in the Commonwealth. You will be sent here on different missions, regardless of whether you choose the Brotherhood or the Institute.You can check out our Mass Fusion questline guide here.To find the bobblehead, you'll have to fight your way to the top floor, past the sentry bots and automatic turrets. It is on the metal statue looking down on the main hall..

  • The Force Bobblehead provides a flat +1 Strength buff

Perception Bobblehead - Museum of Liberty

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (2)

The Museum of Liberty is where the player first meets Preston Garvey, and as such, the Perception Bobblehead is one of the first things you can get in Fallout 4.The bobble head is actually in the same room you are in with Preston Garvey. Just go to the back next to the broken terminal, it's on a desk.

  • Perception Bobblehead provides a flat +1 Perception Buff

Endurance Bobblehead - Poseidon Energy

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (3)

The Endurance Bobblehead is a bit harder to get. He is in the Poseidon Energy building in the Commonwealth (the giant power plant) behind Cutty, a raider leader in power armor. Cutty and Bobblehead are on the roof of the main building. You must defeat him to gain accessthe bobblehead that can be found on the middle ground on a desk next to the Tesla Science magazine.

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  • The Stamina Bobblehead provides a flat +1 buff to Stamina

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Charisma Bobblehead - Parsons State Irrenanstalt

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (4)

The Insane Asylum in the Commonwealth is unmissable - it's the spooky looking gothic building with the ominous gargoyles at the front. Access to Parsons State Insane Asylum may not be available until The Secret of Cabot House side quest is activatedone of the side quests with the best rewards. Once you complete the mission (no spoilers even though the game is years old at this point)You can go to Jack Cabot's office and find the bobble head on his desk.

  • The Charisma Bobblehead provides a flat +1 Charisma buff

Secret Service Bobblehead - Boston Public Library

The Boston Public Library is located in the Back Bay Boston area of ​​the Commonwealth. This majestic building houses super mutants, protectors and machine gun turrets. To access the library, you must either open the extended front door or access it through the Copley station, which is located beneath the library.Once inside, go to the northwest corner of the library and enter the second floor engine room. The Intelligence Bobblehead is on the big computer.

  • Intelligence Bobblehead offers a flat +1 Intelligence upgrade

Agility Bobblehead - Naufragio del FMS Northern Star

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (6)

FMS Northern Star is hard to miss - it's situated on the Commonwealth Coast, just south of Warwick Homestead. This shipwreck is inhabited by a group of Norwegian demon raiders.To find the Agility Bobblehead head on the ship's bow (the front part), go through the upstairs room and you'll find it on a small wooden shelf.

  • The Agility Bobblehead provides a flat +1 Agility buff

Lucky Doll - Show Island

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (7)

Spectacle Island is located near the wreck of the Northern Star and can eventually become a settlement if the player so desires. The island is covered in mirelurks, but that's about it.To find the lucky bobblehead, head to the southern tip of the island and examine the green tug sticking out of the water. The bobble head is in a locker.

  • The Lucky Doll provides a flat +1 Lucky Bonus

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Utility Bobbleheads

Utility Bobbleheads provide small buffs to various abilities such as: B. Better trade prices, better Stimpak healing and easier lock picking. Like the special Cabezones, they are scattered across the wasteland. Here's how to find them all.

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Lockpicking Wackelkopf - Galería Pickman

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (8)

The Pickman Gallery is a large and stately building in Boston's North End. It's a pretty gruesome place, littered with corpses and patrolled by raiders. Enter the tunnels under the gallery and the player will meet Pickman himself and a group of attackers.Lockpicking Bobblehead is in the same room, right next to the burning container.

  • Lockpicking Bobblehead permanently facilitates lockpicking

Barter Bobblehead - Longneck Lukowski Cannery

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (9)

The Longneck Lukowski Cannery is in the Commonwealth - not to be missed, it has three red and white chimneys sticking out of the top.The Barter Bobblehead is located in the office room at the north end of the Cannery, although it is locked behind a Master Level door until the end of Theodore Collins and Rylee's dialogue.

  • The Barter bobblehead increases the prices when buying and selling by 5 percent

Bobblehead Repair - Corvega Assembly Plant

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (10)

Corvega's assembly plant is located in Lexington. Its giant blue orb is a dead sign. The ground is teeming with raiders (there are seventeen outside, and that's before you even venture in) and a raider leader named Jared.To find the Repair Bobblehead, you need to go to the highest walkway on the outside of the facility. The bobblehead is at the end of a walkway that goes around the giant blue tank.

  • Fix Bobblehead increases Fusion Core duration by 10 percent

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Medicine Doll - Vault 81

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (11)

Vault 81 is located in the Commonwealth, east of Forest Grove Marsh. This is a quest location so you will come here anyway. To gain access to the secret vault where Bobblehead is located, you must complete the Penske's Hole in the Wall quest.The bobblehead is in Curie's lab. Head up the stairs on the south side of the second floor once you're in the Secret Vault area.

  • Medicine Doll increases Stimpak healing by 10 percent

Scientist Bobblehead - Malden High School (Vault 75)

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (12)

Malden Middle School is located in the southern part of the Commonwealth. What looks like a regular school is actually the location of Vault 75, where Bobblehead resides. The entrance to the vault area is in the basement. He is usually protected by gunners, although this can change depending on the player's alignment with the different factions.To find the Science Bobblehead, head into the office across from the guy in the training area and check the desk.

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  • Science Bobblehead Elements Guess Hacking and +1

Sneak Bobblehead - Barrenadores de Dunwich

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (13)

Getting the Sneak Bobblehead is a bit of a hassle. The marble quarry, Dunwich Borers, is riddled with attackers, including some with power armor.The Sneak Bobblehead is near the terminal of Section 4, which is pretty deep in the Borers, but not as far as you can get. It's on a table.

  • The Sneak Bobblehead makes your character 10 percent harder to spot

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Speech Bobblehead - Park Street Station (Vault 114)

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (14)

The nondescript Park Street station in the Boston area actually leads to the entrance of Vault 114. Once inside, there are some booby traps, all sorts of loot to pick up, and finally, Speech Bobblehead. It is located in the supervisor's office.You'll likely access it during the Unlikely Valentine's Day quest, as you'll need a keycard to get into the office where Valentine is locked up. The bobble head is inside with Nick.

  • Speech Bobblehead offers Vendors +100 Bonus Caps

Weapon Bobbleheads

These bobble heads enhance various weapon traits. You probably don't need to get them all if you're looking for a very specific build, but we understand the need to collect everything anyway. Here are the locations of all weapon bobbleheads in Fallout 4.

Energiewaffe Bobblehead - Fort Hagen

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (15)

Fort Hagen is located in the Commonwealth, but to access it you must follow the main story and complete the Gatherings quest. Once you've done that, go to the fort's main command center and find the kitchens.The energy weapon dummy is on a table between two large refrigerators.

  • The Energy Weapons Bobblehead increases critical damage with energy weapons by 25 percent.(then you can try some of these underrated energy weapons)

Big Guns Bobblehead - Bóveda 95

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (16)

Once you are inside Vault 95 which is on the northeast side of the Glowing Sea(here is our guide to the danger zone), you must get past the gunners guarding the vault.The Big Guns Bobblehead is in the north residential area: It's a bit tricky to get to, but it's basically down the stairs, behind the bathroom sign, in a bedroom above the radio. You have to go through some broken walls.

(Video) ALL 20 Bobbleheads Guide - Fallout 4

  • Big Guns Bobblehead increases critical damage with heavy weapons by 25 percent

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Exploding Dummy - Saugus Ironworks

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (17)

Saugus Ironworks is a large factory in the Commonwealth, west of Hub City Auto Wreckers. Inside is a bunch of Forged, including their leader, Slag.Here's everything you need to know about the Warforged. In order to gain access to the Bobblehead, you must defeat it, as the Explosive Bobblehead is located in the Slag spawn area (the Blast Furnace Room).Head to the walkway on the second level - you'll see the bobblehead on a wall-mounted control panel.

  • The exploding bobblehead increases explosion damage by 15 percent.

Small Arms Bobblehead - Gunners Plaza

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (18)

Gunners Plaza is the radio building in the Commonwealth. There are gunners pretty much everywhere, as well as turrets and raiders.You can find Small Guns Bobblehead on the first floor, at Captain Wes' desk in the small recording studio (this is on the west side of the building).

  • Small Guns Bobblehead increases ballistic weapon damage by 25%

Melee Bobblehead - Trinity Tower

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (19)

You can't miss Trinity Tower in the Commonwealth. It's huge. To access Melee Bobblehead, you must climb up through swarms of super mutants into the room where Rex Goodman and Strong are being held captive.The bobble head is sitting right there on a table.A small quest to get this one, but crucial for a melee build.

  • The Melee Bobblehead increases critical damage with melee weapons by 25 percent(one of the best ways to use the cool melee weapons in the game)

Bobblehead desarmado - Atom Cats Garage

Fallout 4: All the bobbleheads and where to find them (20)

Located in the Commonwealth, the Atom Cats Garage is definitely a place worth visiting, if not for the unarmed bobblehead then for all the power armor out there.However, if you look for the bobblehead, you can find it on the hood of one of the rusty cars in the main area of ​​the warehouse.

(Video) Fallout 4 - All Bobblehead Locations (They're Action Figures Trophy / Achievement Guide)

  • The Unarmed Bobblehead increases the critical damage of unarmed attacks by 25 percent

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