Demon Slayer: The fate of each Hashira at the end of the series (2023)

The Hashira started out as mysterious and rarely seen characters inAsesino de demonios: Kimetsu no Yaiba. The most powerful swordsmen of the Demon Slayer Corps,el Hashirathey are so strong that they fill the lower ranks of the Twelve Kizuki with terror. Even the highest ranks regard them with a healthy level of respect for their abilities. As the series progressed, Hashira became more and more involved, moving from fleeting cameos to protagonists in several major story arcs.


Killing demons is dangerous, even for Hashira. Unfortunately, not all of these elite warriors make it out of the series alive, and none of them make it to the end of One Piece. the manga stopsAsesino de demonios: Kimetsu no Yaibacompleted some time ago, so each Hashira's ultimate fate has already been established, even as the anime continues. In honor of the Hashira and their battles, here's a detailed breakdown of the ultimate fate of each of these characters, including the one Hashira died of.

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How Kyojuro Rengoku's Noble Death Shaped Demon Slayer's Ending

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HeLhama Hashira, Kyojuro, was the first of the Demon Slayer Corps mainstays to step into the series spotlight. During the "Mugen Train" arc, Kyojuro successfully saved the lives of 200 people on the Mugen Train when it derailed from Tanjiro's decapitation of Enmu, Lower Rank One. Although Kyojuro was killed by Akaza, Upper Three, his legacy lives on.

tanjiro kamado, and even fellow Hashira Tengen Uzui, struggle with their admiration for the fallen Flame Hashira close to their hearts. In the manga's final chapter, set generations after the events of the series, all characters live on through their various descendants and reincarnations. Kyojuro's spirit continues in Tojuro Rengoku, a descendant of Senjuro Rengoku, Kyojuro's younger brother. Tojuro is close friends with Sumihiko Kamado, a descendant of Tanjiro.

Tengen Uzui Retired to Live His Best (Flashiest) Life

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Sound Hashira is the focus pillar in the "Entertainment District" arc of the series. Facing Upper-Rank Six, a title shared by the demon brothers Daki and Gyutaro, Tengen luckily survived this encounter, but just barely. Tengen's confrontation with Gyutaro cost him an arm and an eye, and the poison from Gyutaro's Blood Scythes would have taken his life, had Nezuko not used his own Blood Demon Art to heal him. Surrounded by his wives, Tengen announced that he was retiring from the Demon Slayer Corps, as he cannot fight with one arm and one eye.

RELATED:Demon Slayer: Kyojuro Rengoku's father is an accidental master of reverse psychologyDespite being forced into an early retirement, Tengen made a few guest appearances during the series. When the "Hashira Training" mini-arc began, Tengen was the first Hashira the Corps members had to train with. During the "Infinity Castle" arc, Tengen stood guard outside the Corps headquarters with Shinjuro Rengoku, while Kiriya Ubuyashiki oversaw the battle againstMuzan and the highest ranks. After Muzan's defeat, Tengen visited an injured Tanjiro and asked him to visit him sometime. In the final chapter of the manga, Tengen's descendant Tenma Uzui is an arrogant Olympic gold medalist in gymnastics.

Shinobu Kocho scored a major victory from Beyond the Grave

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Bug Hashira met an untimely death indemon killerclimactic story of, the "Infinity Castle" arc. When he met Doma, Upper-Rank Two, and the demon he killedyour sister Kanae, Shinobu foi rapidamente dominado e consumido.Inosuke Hashibira fought inand began to lose ground, Doma's body suddenly began to melt.

A flashback revealed that Shinobu had 37 kilos of wisteria poison running through his veins. By consuming Shinobu, Doma ingested every drop of poison in her blood. Even the Upper Two couldn't overcome such an impressive amount of Wisteria. This allowedKanao and Inosuketo behead him. In the final chapter of the manga, the descendants of Zenitsu Agatsuma and Nezuko Kamado come across a couple of students on the street: the reincarnations of Shinobu Kocho and his sister, Kanae.

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Muichiro Tokito's ancestor murdered his violent death

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Mist Hashira suffered an unspeakably gruesome death in the "Infinity Castle" arc during the fight against Kokushibo, Upper Level One. Even though the moon-breathing demon deduced that Muichiro was his descendant, he cut off Tokito's arm, stabbed him in the chest, slashed his legs, and blew off his remaining arm during the fight. Though Muichiro inflicted a fatal wound on Kokushibo with his fiery red katana, allowing Sanemi and Gyomei to finish the job, Mist Hashira died as a head attached to a limbless torso. In the final chapter of the manga, a woman is seen pushing a cart with twins, the reincarnations of Muichiro and his twin brother Yuichiro.

Gyomei Himejima fought Kokushibo and Muzan knowing he would die.

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The Stone Hashira, the most powerful of the pillars of the Demon Slayer Corps, was a force of nature in the "Infinity Castle" arc. Unfortunately, it was a force of nature with an expiration date. Before the final confrontation with Muzan and the higher ranks, Hashira began training to become "branded". By developing Marks that greatly increase their strength and endurance, the tradeoff is that Marks always die before their 25th birthday. This was especially a problem for Gyomei, who was 27 years old when she manifested her Mark.

Kokushibo informed Gyomei that manifesting the Mark beyond the age of 25 meant that Stone Hashira would not live to see the end of the day. Nonetheless, Gyomei fought back and defeated Kokushibo before engaging Muzan with his remaining Hashira. Himejima was quickly taken out of the fight as he lost his left leg to Muzan's attacks. After Muzan's defeat, Gyomei succumbed to his wounds and his Mark, passing away peacefully with the ghosts of his adopted children beside him. In the final chapter of the manga, a preschooler is seen with a burly teacher who fights with her children, Gyomei's reincarnation.

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Iguro and Mitsuri stayed together until the end

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Serpent Hashira, Iguro and Love Hashira, Mitsuri operated as a unit for most of thedemon killerThe "Infinity Castle" arc. Though they struggled against Nakime, the newly promoted Upper-Rank Four, they were unable to break through thanks to his confusing and frustrating Blood Demon Art. Once Muzan killed Nakime to deal with Hashira himself, Iguro and Mitsuri joined the fight. Mitsuri was seriously injured early on. Iguro quickly carried her to safety before rejoining the fight, wanting to tell her how he felt about her.

Iguro spent several chapters as one of the last two men to face Muzan along with Tanjiro, fighting together to stop Muzan from escaping. Once Muzan was defeated, Iguro held a dying Mitsuri as his own life force was depleted. After they professed their love for each other, they died in each other's arms. The final chapter of the manga shows a bakery operated by its hostess, Mitsuri, and her chef, Iguro. The couple met in their next lives as promised.

Sanemi Shinazugawa's father wouldn't let him go to hell

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Wind Hashira was one of the few survivors of the bloodbath known as the "Infinity Castle" arc. Sanemi fought against Kokushibo alongside Gyomei, Muichiro and his own younger brother, Genya Shinazugawa. Sanemi lost a few fingers along the way and managed to land the finishing blow on Kokushibo in unison with Gyomei before passing out. Tragically, Sanemi regained consciousness just in time to see Genya disintegrate to a demon's death, as her brother's ability to become demonic by eating the flesh of demons was unable to save him from being cut in half. by Kokushibo.

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Sanemi managed to survive the battle against Muzan, albeit just barely. Unconscious and on the verge of death, Sanemi chose not to go to Heaven with her siblings, but lovingly join her mother in Hell because she killed most of her children after turning into a demon. However, her abusive father spirit emerged from Hell and essentially kicked Sanemi back to the land of the living. Sanemi's survival was not a happy ending because she also manifested her Mark, meaning that she would die before she turned 25. In the final chapter of the manga, a descendant of Sanemi or her reincarnation is a police officer, whose partner is a reincarnated Genya.

Giyu Tomioka kept his promise to protect Tanjiro

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The Water Hashira, Giyu, survived the "Infinity Castle" arc after fighting alongside Tanjiro against Akaza and Muzan. Though his sword was broken by Akaza and he lost an arm to Muzan, Giyu fought Tanjiro and his partner Hashira with everything he had. When it looked like Tanjiro had died defeating Muzan, Giyu was devastated that he had once again failed to protect someone important to him. When Tanjiro reanimated as a demon, Giyu stopped Tanjiro from killing anyone, refusing to allow more contamination into Tanjiro's soul.

Once Tanjiro was returned to a human and the threat of demons was eliminated from Japan, Giyu attended Hashira's final meeting along with Sanemi, where the Demon Slayer Corps was officially disbanded. Unfortunately, manifesting his Mark in battle against Akaza also doomed Giyu to die before his 25th birthday, robbing the sils of their survival. In the final chapter of the manga, a descendant or reincarnation of Giyu is seen going to school with the reincarnations of Tsutako Tomioka, her sister, and Sabito, her closest friend.

Koyoharu Gotouge's Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba Manga is available in Englishvia Viz Media.

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