Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (2023)

On your way across Tsushima Island, you'll encounter a huge number of spells, each with different effects on Jin's abilities.

Most Major Charms can be obtained through Honors at the various remote shrines scattered across the island, although some only become available once the player reaches certain levels. These enchantments are based onomamori, genuine Japanese good luck charms sold at shrines or temples, are believed to bestow various types of protection and good luck.

Initially, these charms might seem a little out of place. Finally,spirit of tsushimais a game set in a historically accurate recreation of feudal Japan steeped in gritty realism; Spells with seemingly supernatural effects can seem more like they go against the general spirit of the game.

However, you won't question their presence for long, as you'll soon discover that they're an invaluable part of balancing your character's skills and overall build.

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  • fundamentals of charm
  • The 10 Best Enchantments in Ghost of Tsushima
    • 1. Inari's Spell
    • 2. Charme de Amaterasu
    • 3. Charme von Kagu-tsuchi
    • 4. Charme de Okuninushi
    • 5. Amuleto de Izanami
    • 6. Amuleto de Mizu-no-Kami
    • 7. Charme von Takemikazuchi
    • 8. Charme von Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto
    • 9. Charme de Tsukuyomi
    • 10. Charme von Azumi-no-Isora
  • List of all essential charms
  • List of all minor spells
  • final thoughts

fundamentals of charm

You can equip a total of 6 talismans (found in the equipment menu). You can equip 2 major spells and 4 minor spells. When starting the game, you will have limited slots and these can be increased by finding Inari Shrines. There are 49 of them in total and you can find them by following the fox when you find a fox hole.

The 10 Best Enchantments in Ghost of Tsushima

spirit of tsushimaof course it's still a relatively new game and people are still figuring out all the secrets and figuring out the best builds and playstyles; But we've listed below the ten lucky charms that we think are the best in the game, at least for now.

1. Inari's Spell

Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (1)

How many games of this typespirit of tsushimaallows the player to collect materials during gameplay; These materials, in turn, can be used to upgrade your armor and inventory. However, if you want to fully upgrade your equipment, you will need a significant amount of material.

Inari's CharmSignificantly reduces the time you have to spend gathering resourcesincreasing the value you receive each time you collect them. This applies to predator skins, bamboo, yew and various other supplies.

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The talisman is at Arrow Peak Shrine, located on a high peak north of the Sakimori Overlook in the Izuhara region and accessible in Act 1.

2. Charme de Amaterasu

Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (2)

The charm of Amaterasu, in short,Restores Jin a moderate amount of health with each enemy he kills. We probably don't need to explain how this can be a lifesaver, especially when facing a particularly large horde of enemies or during a long fight, when the occasional boost to one's health from being slashed can be a lifesaver.

The talisman is located in the Golden Summit Shrine south of the Golden Temple in the Izuhara region, accessible in Act 1.

3. Charme von Kagu-tsuchi

Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (3)

Another extremely useful when facing sizable hordes or besieging Mongol camps, Kagu-Tsuchi's charm allows the player to do additional damage when below 50% health. Needless to say, this can give the player an advantage, turning the tide of battle when things start to look bleak.

The talisman can be found at the Plum Blossom Shrine, located at the Shigenori Summit in the Izuhara region and accessible in Act 1.

4. Charme de Okuninushi

Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (4)

The charm of the okuniushi or remedy, suitable enough,slowly heals you while not in combat. It's a simple enough effect, but invaluable on a long walk through Tsushima, as you can easily prepare for your next fight without having to use your resolve.

This amulet can be found in the Mending Rock Shrine accessible in Act 1, located on a small island in the Izuhara region connected to the Isonade Coast by some rickety bridges.

5. Amuleto de Izanami

Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (5)

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Manyspirit of tsushimaSince then, players have discovered the Iron Will skillallows Jin to recover from a mortal wound, at the expense of Resolve (exactly how much depends on what difficulty you're playing).

It's tremendously useful for those times when you feel unexpectedly overwhelmed and your health is depleted before you've had a chance to heal. Unfortunately, the skill alone restores Jin to almost no health.

Izanami's spell fixes this by granting Jin 50% health when he recovers with Iron Will, increasing your chance of actually turning the tide of battle (or at least giving you a better opportunity to flee) once he recovers .

This talisman can be found in Act 2 at Marsh Rock Shrine, which you can find by following a road northeast of Akashima Village in the Toyotama region.

6. Amuleto de Mizu-no-Kami

Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (6)

If you prefer a melee style of play, thenspirit of tsushima, you'll quickly find that if you jump headlong into battle and attack without thinking, it won't last long. You'll need to strategize and use your skill to carefully dodge and dodge blows to survive.

However, the dodging and dodging mechanics can take a long time to get used to and often require extremely precise timing. Mizu-no-Kami's charm can prove invaluable here.widens the window for parries and dodges, making them much easier to execute.

This spell can be extremely useful while you're still getting used to the nuances of melee strategy.spirit of tsushima, and once you feel like the spell has given you a little more confidence in your dodging and defending abilities, you can always trade it in for something else.

This amulet can be found at Spring Falls Shrine, whose entrance is north of Kuaki Falls in the Izuhara region and accessible in Act 1.

7. Charme von Takemikazuchi

Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (7)

Another very useful spell for players who choose a melee-heavy playstyle, Takemikazuchi's spell,Temporarily increases your melee damage by a small amount when you kill an enemy.

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This is another spell that can save your life when you face a sizable horde of enemies - after you kill your first enemy, you can gain a huge boost and add an extra edge to your next attacks. and maybe even start a chain effect when the other enemies are already sufficiently injured.

Used correctly, this spell can allow you to take down an entire group of enemies in a greatly reduced amount of time.

This talisman can be found in Act 3 at the Snowlit Peak Shrine, located in the Kamiagata region north of Mount Jogaku.

8. Charme von Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto

Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (8)

Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto's spell allows Jin toDeal a moderate amount of bonus damage while he is at full health.

Admittedly, this one is more suitable for experienced players; But once you get the hang of ensuring their health is recharged most of the time, this spell can give them a huge advantage in any fight - and in turn ensure their health stays at even more. frequency.

The talisman is accessible during Act 3 and can be found in the Frozen Cliff Shrine, located on the southeast coast of Kin Prefecture in the Kamiagata region.

9. Charme de Tsukuyomi

Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (9)

At some point in the game, once the map is open and the player is free to roam, the story mission "The Warrior's Code" introduces the player to the stealth kill ability, which allows them to take down unsuspecting enemies with a single shot. attack.

It's up to the player to choose to use this particular approach a lot (after all, the game makes it clear that Jin is uncomfortable with this, as it goes against the samurai code); but if you do, Tsukuyomi's spell can be very useful. with that charmEnemies killed in stealth drop larger amounts of supplies and ammo.

If you consistently use the stealth kill approach, this spell will go a long way towards increasing your stockpile in the long run, as not only will you get more after each fight, but you won't have to change ammo as often. .

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The talisman can be found during Act 2 at Crimson Rock Shrine, located in the Toyomata region, in the center of Umugi Prefecture, south of the Equinox Flower Field.

10. Charme von Azumi-no-Isora

Best Charms in Ghost of Tsushima [Full List & Includes Locations] (10)

Azumi-no-Isora's spell silences arrows on impact. This simple effect can be invaluable for players who take an approach that relies heavily on ranged combat, especially when besieging a camp or other large group of enemies.

With this amulet, the player canEliminate individual enemies from afar with a reduced chance to alert your nearby allies, reducing the chance of being swamped and having to defend yourself with your less sophisticated melee abilities.

Accessible in Act 2, this spell is located in the Cloud Ridge Shrine, which is located in the Toyotama region along the east coast of Koshimizu Farm in Kushi Prefecture.

hot tip

Those spells listed here are just the big ones, by the way - there are also a ton of minor spells (most of which are given as rewards for completing side quests) that have minor effects that combined with the right big spells can add up to a massive build. extremely strong character. In short, there are a huge number of charms to choose from, each with its own advantages.

List of all essential charms

Charme de Kagu-Tsuchi (corpo a corpo)Deals bonus damage at 50% health or less.Plum Blossom Shrine - Act 1
Charm of Susanoo (melee)Staggered enemies have a 30% chance to be knocked down.Dragonstone Shrine - Act 2
Shinatsuhiko's Amulet (Melee)Staggering an enemy prevents interrupting melee attacks for 6 seconds.Lush Peak Shrine – Akt 2
Ryuujin's Charm (Melee)Regain 1 kunai after performing a perfect dodge.Hazy Crag Shrine - Act 2
Takemizakuchi's Amulet (Melee)Killing an enemy slightly increases melee damage for a few seconds.Snowlit Peak Shrine – Akt 3
Amulet of Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto (Melee)Deal moderate bonus damage with full health.Frostcliff Shrine - Act 3
Amaterasu's Charm (Defense)Killing enemies restores a moderate amount of health.Golden Peak Sanctuary - Act 1
Okuninushi's Charm (Defense)Slowly restore your health out of combat.Mending Rock Shrine - Act 1
Amuleto de Mizu-no-Kami (Defesa)Parries and dodges are easier to execute.Spring Falls Shrine - Akt 1
Amulet of Izanami (Defense)Iron Will now revives you at 50% of your maximum health.Marsh Rock Shrine – Akt 2
Amuleto de Ikazuchi-no-Kami (Defesa)Perks and skills that cause fear are 25% more likely to occur.Crane Mountain Shrine – Akt 3
Izanagi's Amulet (Distance)Landing a headshot has a 40% chance to deflect an arrow.Twisted Mountain Shrine - Act 2
Amulet of Azumi-no-Isora (Fernkampf)Arrows are silent on impact.Cloud Ridge Sanctuary – Akt 2
Tsukuyomi's Amulet (Camouflage)Attacked enemies drop additional ammo or supplies.Crimson Rock Shrine - Act 2
Charme von Hoori-no-Mikoto (Tarnung)Stay hidden while slaying grass enemies.Turtle Stone Sanctuary – Akt 2
Charm of Invisible Rest (Stealth)Smoke Bombs now restore 25% of your health when used.Reach Legend - Warden Avenger (Rank 6)
Charm of Toxic Demise (Camuflagem)Wind Chimes release toxic smoke that kills enemies who catch them.Reach Legend - The Phantom Samurai (Level 7)
Charm of the Hidden Blades (Stealth)Throw 2 extra kunai.Reach Legend - Demon Blade (Grau 8)
Cremation Spell (Stealth)Enemies hit by black powder bombs catch fire, burning nearby enemies.Legend of the Reach - The Raging Tempest (Rank 9)
Inari's Charm (Utility)Increases Supplies, Predator Hides, Bamboo and Yewwood gained from Gathering.Arrow Peak Shrine – Akt 1

List of all minor spells

CharmCharmTo search for
Amulet of Advantage (Melee)Spiritual weapons deal 20% more damage.Nattou and the sake seller
Beating Spell (Melee)Moderate increase does not damage Stagger.The Children of Rio The Thief
Charm of Duel Destruction 1 (corpo a corpo)Attacks have a 5% chance to deal double damage.The husband
Amulet of Ferocity (Melee)Moderate increase in melee damage.The traitor A thief of innocence
Broken Barrier Spells (Defense)Breaking through an enemy's defenses grants 15% Resolve.The Delicate Art of NegotiationHonor Buried Deep
charm of strength20% chance to survive lethal damage and gain resolve.the end of suffering
Charm of Unyielding 1 (Defesa)Moderately reduces damage taken at 50% health or less.Incident em Hiyoshi Pass
Charm of Unyielding 2 (Defesa)Significantly reduces damage taken at 50% health or less.ghosts in the mist
Charm of Resistance 1 (Defense)Decreases all damage by a small amount.Empty BasketsLost at Sea

The Blood Sutra

Charm of Resistance 2 (Defense)Reduces all damage by a moderate amount.The last warrior monk
Amulet of Immunity (Defense)15% chance for enemy arrows to deal no damage.The Path of ArchFlesh and Stone
charm of vitalityModerate increase in health.Three acts, three illusions
Amulet of Efficiency (Distance)15% increase in nock and reload speed.Sensei and the Student, Otsuna's Terror
Amulet of Precision (Range)Moderate increase in arrow damage.The past never goes away, dreams of conquest
Amulet of Swift Return (Ranged)Missing standard arrows have a 25% chance to be restored.The Ghost and the Demon Sensei
Amulet of Shadows (Stealth)Decreases enemy detection speed by 10%.Lady Sanjo's generosity
Amulet of Long Suffering (Utilities)Status effects last 50% longer and deal 50% more damage.a debt paid
Lucky Charm 1 (Utility)Effects with % chance are 50% more likely to occur.peace to the divine
Amulet of Happy Return (Utilities)Skills that use Resolve have a 15% chance to return 1 Resolve.A mother's peace A rich man has everything he needs
Charm of Resolve 1 (Utility)15% increase in resolution gains.The Value of Sake, The Headman
Charm of Resolve 2 (Utility)25% increase in Resolve profits.Oh bobo
Charm of Well-Being 1 (Utility)Gain 7.5% additional health while healing.Servant of the PeopleA place to call home
Charm of Well-Being 2 (Utility)Gain 15% additional health while healing.the cause of suffering
Divine Healing Spell 1 (Utilities)At 50% or less health, healing restores an additional 15% health.A Healer's Touch
Divine Healing Spell 2At 50% or less health, the heal restores 30% additional health.The Burden of Theft

final thoughts

Ultimately, it's entirely up to you which charms you think suit you the most, which depends a lot on the playstyle you choose to play in the game. Regardless of which spells you choose, your journey through Tsushima is sure to be a story worth telling.

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