Adobe Creative Cloud: 7 Free Online Training Courses bronnen (2023)

If you're interested in website design, creating artwork, video editing, or photography, you should know about all the features and benefits Adobe Creative Cloud has to offer.

Its tools come in handy when needed and are very beneficial for performing professional tasks. This article will focus on the benefits of Adobe Creative Cloud, the features it offers, and how you can take advantage of them.

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What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Adobe Creative Cloud, also known as Adobe CC, is a set of services offered by Adobe Inc. to its subscribers. These services are useful for design, web development,photo, video editing, and more. They also offer cloud services and mobile apps to help you unleash your creativity.

They offer monthly or yearly subscriptions to users. You may download the software from the Internet and use it as long as your subscription remains active. Creative Cloud subscription includes online updates and multiple languages.

Packages provided by Adobe

Adobe offers four levels of subscription packages. These include:

photo: Adobe Photography Allows access to some photography features of the application. It also grants access to Photoshop CC andDC Lighthouse.

Single application:All Adobe Cloud features are available in selected applications. It also grants access to any given application in 11 application pools.

all applications: This grants access to all features of the Creative Cloud applications in one suite.

All Apps + Adobe Stock: This includes all Adobe Cloud features and all Adobe Stock features.

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List of programs offered by Adobe CC cloud

Adobe CC Cloud provides a range of applications and services. There is a list of 24Adobe AppYou could try a list like this:

  • First major:It is used for editing YouTube videos and feature films.
  • After Effects – This application handles VFX and other digital animation effects.
  • Premiere Rush – Launched for smartphones or tablets. It is a simplified version of Premiere Pro.
  • Acrobat DC – This is a document viewer that enhances the visibility of PDF documents and files.
  • Photoshop: This is the application used by photographers as well as photo and video editors.
  • Lightroom – Photo editing software that saves edited files directly to the cloud.
  • Lightroom Classic: Lightroom Classic is also a photo editing software. The only difference is that it saves the edited file to your hard drive.
  • Bridge: Used to centralize files. This is an asset management program.
  • Media Encoder – This tool helps to encode media files in different formats.
  • Audition: An audio editing program used by filmmakers.
  • Camera Raw – This allows you to import and edit raw photos on your device. It is an essential tool for professional photographers.
  • Mixamo – This tool is used to create animated characters and mix them into animations.
  • Illustrator – Helps you draw vector graphics-based illustrations.
  • SpeedGrade - Color grading for a variety of digital photography projects.
  • Flash Builder Premium - Helps you create scripts in the game language.
  • InCopy: Adobe CC word processor.
  • InDesign – This software helps you create layouts for your pages. It also allows you to create industry standard layouts.
  • XD – Helps you design interfaces for web design and create user interfaces for web and mobile.
  • Dreamweaver: for website development and design.
  • Dimensions: Used to visualize 3D markers. It can be used for product packaging design review.
  • Aero – for designing enhanced design experiences. It is available on iOS.
  • Animate – for creating vector-based 2D animations, such as Flash animations.
  • Character Animator – This tool tracks motion and creates animations in real time.

Learn to use Adobe applications

You can visit their website to learn how to use various Adobe applicationsOfficial website.Click on the "Beginner" or "Experienced" tab and modify your learning experience accordingly. You can also choose the application you want to learn about and continue to use and learn the basic and advanced steps. You can also test your skills by trying to create your first design, video animation, logo or business card.

Adobe also provides services that teach you how to use these applications. The only problem is that they charge you a fee to teach the course. You can watch the video tutorial first, and if you like it, you can continue to watch the paid course.

Adobe Photoshop for beginners

On the site you can findPhotoshop learning coursesFor starters. The total duration of these lessons is 300 minutes. You can also take a 360-minute expert session.

There is also the option to attend a masterclass with a total duration of 720 minutes. Likewise, all other courses have different lengths of time and different payment scales. You will learn different skills in each course because each class teaches different skills.

Now, let's look at other external resources that can help you learn aboutAdobe Creative Cloud.


oflawwebsite is one of the best and most popular places to learn how to use all Adobe suites. You can visit the website, select the course you want to study, find out more details, and start studying as soon as possible.

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courses offered

  • Boris FX Optics: Learn about all the cinematic effects in Lightroom.
  • Restore lights and shadows with Lightroom.
  • learn to useedit imageLike a pro.
  • Create a website with Adobe Muse.
  • Correct distortion in photos.

Adobe Creative Cloud YouTube

You can get help from the following YouTube channelsAdobe Creative CloudLearn how to use the various applications and features available with Adobe CC. You can learn all skills from this YouTube channel, from Photoshop, Illustrator and other mobile applications to web design and video editing.

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This is one of the largest creative communities in the world, providing you with skills and learning experiences.

larry jordan youtube channel

You can also learn about various Adobe CC applications with the help of videos and tutorials available on the websitelarry jordanYouku channel. you will knowAdobe Premiere ProTraining, filming tips, and editing tips all in one place. The main goal behind this YouTube channel is to improve your skills and help you get a job out of it.

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Julieanne Kost's YouTube Canal

's YouTube channelJulianne CosterMainly to teach you skills, shortcuts and usage methodsAdobe Photoshopand Adobe Lightroom. By watching the videos they upload to their channel, you can clearly understand all the features and edit your photos like a pro.

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Whether you're a beginner or someone who knows the basics, this YouTube channel is great for learning all about the Photoshop and Lightroom applications.

Terry Lee Blanco

YouTube channels you can seeTerry Lee BlancoAlso for learning how to use Adobe applications. This channel mainly teaches you to use Adobe CC for design and photography. You can learn more about each feature and learn how to use them. Adobe CC becomes very easy to use as you learn the different parts with the help of videos uploaded by Terry Lee White.

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Adobe Community

If you are interested in knowing about the functions and features of any Adobe tool, you can visit Adobe's official websiteAdobe CommunityAnd learn how to use and access all the tools they have to offer. The Adobe community provides links and tutorials for using and accessing every feature they offer.

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All tools offer dialog functionality, making it easy to learn and become familiar with any tool.

Responsive Web Design in Adobe XD [Coursera]

You can register byCoursera courses.Some of these courses may be free, while others charge you some money in exchange for the knowledge they provide. You can collect all the basic skills and enjoy a fun learning experienceCoursera courses.

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If you're considering an entry-level job in UX design, this course is for you. You'll learn every step of the way, from developing empathy for users and defining their pain points to coming up with UX design and implementing it. Most importantly, it will add tremendous value to your UX design portfolio.

in conclusion

Adobe Creative Cloud empowers creative work and learning for those with creative minds and a desire to develop and learn new skills. You can install 24 different apps from Adobe, learn how to use them from various websites and sources, and even join online courses to learn how to use them. Adobe Creative Cloud activates your creative mind and pushes you to learn new and better things.

You can also see somebest photoshop tutorials.

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