7 Best Addons of the Beaver Builder: New Modules and Functionality (2023)

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What happens if we tell him that there was a way to make the pages of the pages of Biber -Biber great and ... add many useful functions and new modules?It sounds great, doesn't it?Well, that's exactly what exactly what the accessories of Beaver Builder can help you.

Would you like shadow edges for your picture galleries?Check.Do you need certain elements and buttons for an online shop?Simply.And you can do much more thanks to the many existing Beaver Builder extensions.

In this publication we will talk about the most incredible accessories that gives your favorite farmers such a functionality.

7 Best #beabuilder accessories for its #WordPress.

Best Beaver Builder Accessories for 2023

Most of these supplements offer access to additional modules, although more focused on the construction of topics than just new modules.

1. Zorro Orbit

Orbit FuchsIt is a free WordPress complement that offers three additional modules for the Beaver Builder:

  • Post Grid
  • Price list
  • Services

As soon as you have installed the complement, you can activate the three new modules after these steps:

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  • To configurate Beaver Builder on your board
  • Click the modules
  • Check the accessories that has been displayed under the Fuchsb orbit label

7 Best Addons of the Beaver Builder: New Modules and Functionality (1)

If you then use the normal Beaver Builder interface, see all modules available in the Beaver Builder sidebar.

In addition to its additional Beaver Builder accessories, Orbit Fox also contains a number of other useful functions that are not related to Beaver Builder.For example, you can alsoMonitor the activity/time of inactivity timeYour website,Add Exchange symbols in socialPresentIntegrate Google Analytics, ObjectFree file photosvonMyStock.photosand install free prepared templates.


  • Three new Beaver Builder modules: price table, services and post -grid
  • Item complements
  • Activity monitoring and e -mail warnings
  • Integration von Google Analytics
  • 10+The fate of fate
  • Menu symbols module
  • Exchange symbols for social networks
  • Free Stock Photo integration of mystock photos
  • Blocks/content forms
  • Personalized source module

2nd final accessories for Beaver Builder

It isPlugIt comes with tons of accessories and modules for his favorite side farmer, but only a few are available in the Lite version.For a few I mean ten, which is still incredible;The package is huge in thePremium -Version.

In the free version of accessories you will receive this beautiful collection of modules:

  • Spacer/Gap
  • Love
  • Picture separator
  • Simple separator
  • Information table
  • List of information
  • Sliding box
  • Crate
  • Image/symbol
  • Taste

7 Best Addons of the Beaver Builder: New Modules and Functionality (2)

If you would like to unlock more accessories, the first premium plan begins at 69 USD (one -year license) and offers a total of more than 70 modules (including the free).This means that you can receive this premium plan of 69 US dollars for 57 US dollars in the first year.Alternatively, you can pay 237 US dollars and give them a subscription to life.

As soon as you activate the modules, you are available in the normal Beaver Builder interface such as Orbit Fox.

CHARACTERISTICS(included in the professional version)

  • More than 70 beaver builder modules
  • Cloud template with more than 300 pages and section templates
  • Live previous view, while it is always on the edition page
  • white labelMarke
  • Simple options to activate and deactivate modules
  • Optimized for performance and speed

3. Powerpack Para Beaver Builder

(Video) An Overview of PowerPack Beaver Addons for Beaver Builder

AndInteresting additionThis also comes in two flavors: Lite and Premium.Good power pack for Beaver Builder is that all their modules are organized in five categories:

  • Contents
  • Creative
  • Leading generation
  • Stylistenformular
  • Extensions

7 Best Addons of the Beaver Builder: New Modules and Functionality (3)

Each category contains free and paid accessories (which are included in the Lite version with "installed").In addition to the modules and extensions, PowerPack also offers tons of tonsCastor Builder templatesFor all types of companies.

To have access to the modules, you have to go to the Beaver editor and click on the PowerPack modules in the Drop -Down menu menu.

CHARACTERISTICS(included in the professional version)

  • More than 50 powerful modules (9 of which are free)
  • 250 pages templates and Beaver Builder section for companies
  • Preview of a solo click on the front end for the Beaver Builder
  • Improved module search
  • White Label Marke
  • Switch between line templates to gray and color scale
  • Dynamic template library in the back-end

4. Beaver Builder Head of Head of Head of of

That is aFree additionIn this way you can add your own header and footer, which you can create by the editor of Beaver Builder.To create a head lines or a footer, all you have to do is design a new page as you would normally do and store it in the designs.

The only disadvantage of this addition to the Beaver Builder is that he does not play well with any topic.It is demanding and there are only a few problems with which it is compatible.These are:

  • Astro
  • Tema de Beaver Builder
  • Genesis
  • Generarpress
  • primer
  • Nevé

In order to work on the Beaver Builder header's footer, one of these installed problems must have.

As soon as you have created a header or footer, switch to the configuration of the Beaver Builder Page Builder and click on the footer of the header Bb.aquí, you can select the header and the footer, which has been created and adjusted for the forehand.As soon as you have, you have done, keep everything and be ready.


  • This allows you to use fully custom header and feet on the entire website
  • You can redesign your footer/header from scratch
  • With the complement you can use any page that you have saved in the blog as a header or footer
  • It is delivered with a number of heading configurations: transparent, sticky, shrinked, etc.

5. Biber woopck

7 Best Addons of the Beaver Builder: New Modules and Functionality (4)

That is aPremium supplementThat helps themYour WooCommerce business. Provable nine modules, each with several designs and variations:

(Video) What's new with the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder 1.4+

  • Product category
  • Mini this
  • Off Canvas Cart
  • Cartpotstil
  • Pation page
  • Product network
  • Add to the cart
  • Unique product
  • Product slider

All personalized beaver builder modules can be seen through his "in action"Live demonstration pages.

The cheapest plan costs 59 USD per year (sometimes offered with a discount rate of 49 US dollars) and includes support, the option of a white label and the opportunity to use it in personal spots and unlimited customers.

It also has a 40%discount if it is renewed for another year.

The developers behind the Woopack Beaver Accessories really support the quality of their product, since they also offer a 14 -day guarantee.

7 Best Addons of the Beaver Builder: New Modules and Functionality (5)


  • Five designs for the product network: quick view with filter effects, shift style, grille, description box, pagination
  • Four styles for individual product pages
  • Easy to use design options for action call buttons
  • Color options for all elements
  • Multiple carousel constructions for related products and prominent products

6. Beaver Crafty Beavers personalized modules

This is another free accessory package with Beaver Builder accessories, which contains 13 modules to expand the functionality of its website.

However, only one warning: the main developer behind this Beaver Builder supplementI no longer update itAnd it has not been updated during this time for several years.

If you want to expand your collection of Beaver Builder Accessoires and feel comfortable with the fact that the complement cannot be functional at some point, try.

It's free.If you don't like it or no longer work, you can always estimate and uninstall it.

7 Best Addons of the Beaver Builder: New Modules and Functionality (6)

Another thing that you should consider is that some of the modules may need the premium version of Beaver Builder.

(Video) Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder Circle Multi Info Section 👈


  • Free modules for menus, photos,Photo galleries, Background effects and information lists
  • Paid custom module services
  • Personalized design and development
  • Three rounds of revisions

7. Additions for the Beaver Builder

Here is another tool that offers many beautiful Biberbuilder -free accessories(Although there is also a premium option).The free package contains 13 modules for various purposes, such asServices, Publications,Briefcase, precio,Testimoniesetc.

To activate the accessories, you must follow the same procedure.I can easily use the same complement board page and enables you to change the specified color theme and write custom CSS to design your new modules.

7 Best Addons of the Beaver Builder: New Modules and Functionality (7)

To get double modules and additional functions, you can update thePremium -VersionUp to 39 US dollars a year (contain a total of 25 accessories and 50 styles).


  • A dark version for almost all elements (also referred to as a screen on a dark or image background)
  • Example data to replicate the demonstration site
  • Styles and variations for widgets
  • Back-End Inituitivo
  • List translation

Final thoughts

These are our options for the best accessories of the Beaver Builder for the functionality of the expanded website.From the elements of the media to style and design, wooCommerce, content and sections and boxes that refer to the company can expand its existing Beaver Builder interface.

Did you have the opportunity to try one of these personalized beaver builder modules?If there are other excellent accessories that we have lost, send us a line in the comment area below and let us know how you have worked for you.

7 Best #beabuilder accessories for its #WordPress.

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