40+ Enemies to Lovers Movies on Netflix You Must Watch (2023)

If there's one thing we all love, it's watching cheesy movies where two people who hate each other fall in love. Well, this trope might have been beaten to death like a horse, but it's clearly one of the best out there! The changing dynamic between people who are first enemies and then lovers and partners is what makes it sotypical showYromantic categorymore interesting than ever.

If you like these kinds of movies, here are more than 40Enemies of Lovers movies on NetflixYou must have seen that! These movies showcase some of the best chemical pairings on screen that will shatter your mind as well as your heart! (metaphorically, of course!)

Most of the time, the sweetest love stories are the unexpected ones. Love and hate are powerful emotions, and if you love to the extreme, we bet you hate to the extreme too! For too long, filmmakers have clung to the cliché of enemy turned love, and with good reason. That makes for good entertainment!

To our delight, Netflix, the OG of OTT streaming, has us covered! There are plenty of Enemies for Lover Movies on Netflix that we can watch whenever we want (if you have a subscription to the service!).

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Enemies of Lovers Movies on Netflix | You will definitely end the Cold War or start one!

Let's take a look at these Enemies to Lovers movies on Netflix. Because whether it's the tug-of-war dynamic between couples or the sexual tension that simmers below the surface.

While the trope is somewhat toxic, it does lead to some wacky and fun interactions between the main characters. Also, the prospect of being lovers to your enemy seems a bit fanciful. And just like that, the trope has gained quite a following over the years.

Now, no more debate on the whys and hows of the popularity of the "Enemies Became Lovers" stories. Let's continue our list of 40+ Enemies to Lovers movies on Netflix.

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1 # Pride and prejudice (2005)

40+ Enemies to Lovers Movies on Netflix You Must Watch (1)

Not many people are not familiar with the iconic novel.pride and prejudicewritten byJane Austen. Since its publication in 1813, there have been a multitude of adaptations based on the story. However thepride and prejudice(2005) The film adaptation can be considered one of the most memorable adaptations to date. If there was an award for haters of romantic movies on Netflix,pride and prejudicewill surely fight for victory!

pride and prejudicerevolves around the story of two people who are initially unwilling to resolve their differences. Belonging to diverse backgrounds, the duo cannot let go of their beliefs. This generates conflicts between them from their first interaction.

Elizabeth is the daughter of a rural family that is very prudish and correct in their beliefs. By contrast, Mr. Fitzwilliam Darcy is a wealthy landowner. The plot revolves around the gap between two people due to their pride and prejudice towards each other. However, this breakup makes the beginning of their love story seem more satisfying.

pride and prejudiceIn my opinion, it can be called one of the best Enemies To Lovers movies on Netflix.

IMDb rating:7.8

Directed by:jose wright

Pour:Kiera Knightley | Mateo MacFayden

2 #10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

40+ Enemies to Lovers Movies on Netflix You Must Watch (2)

Structure like a typical romantic comedy.10 things I hate about you(1999) is an adaptation of William Shakespeare.The domestication of the shrew.

According to the modernized story, the female lead (Kat) hates Patrick. It could be said that both characters are complete opposites. This led to frequent arguments and heated banter between the pair. Patrick, also unwilling to interact with Kat, seeks her out due to a bet with her friend.

The pair gradually grow closer after a variety of fights. And finally, find common ground with your feelings. Giving way to one of the best enemies of amateur cinema on Netflix. The chemistry between the main characters of10 things I hate about youit's frustrating and fascinating at the same time.

IMDb rating:7.3

Directed by:gil young

Pour:Heath Ledger | julia stiles

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3 # Como Harry Sally traf (1989)

40+ Enemies to Lovers Movies on Netflix You Must Watch (3)

when harry met sally(1989) is one of the most famous movies of the 80s.when harry met sallyis a comedy about a couple who are not friends at first. Interestingly, at the root of their conflict is the "can men and women still be friends without having romantic feelings?" debate.

In the end, they lose contact and don't meet again for years. They met by chance in a bookstore. The pair eventually decide to become friends, still arguing and fighting a lot. However, over time, they fall in love with each other. This proves Harry's point of view on the ongoing debate.

IMDb rating:7.7

Directed by:Rob Reiner

Pour:billy cristal | yo ryan

4# It Happened One Night (1934)

40+ Enemies to Lovers Movies on Netflix You Must Watch (4)

Best enemies for romance novels.

Best enemies for romance novels.

One of the first films in the enemies-of-lovers genre, It Happened One Night (1934) is a typical formula with a rich heiress and a much poorer reporter thrown in the mix. The main characters differ greatly in their personalities and lifestyles.

the plot ofit happened one nightfollows a reporter who agrees to help an heiress find her husband in exchange for an exclusive story. The stories develop out of a severe lack of trust and gradually give way to romance. While the journey begins with the duo being indifferent to each other. Their apparent hatred slowly dissipates as they spend time together.

Other than that,it happened one nightIt was highly acclaimed and won five Oscars. Lucky for you, if you're looking for the movie that paved the way for haters to become movie lovers on Netflix, here it is!

IMDb rating:8.1

Directed by:frank goat

Pour:clark gable | claudette colbert

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5# Letters to Juliet (2010)

40+ Enemies to Lovers Movies on Netflix You Must Watch (5)

Imagine going in search of someone's first love and unexpectedly finding your own. Something similar happens to Sophie inletters to julia(2010), who finds old letters while on vacation. Finally, she decided to respond to a letter from 50 years ago. The recipient of the letter, along with his grandson Charlie, seeks Sophie's help to find her love.

Despite their differences and opposing views on the task they set out to do, Sophie and Charlie eventually fall in love. Eventually, the couple ends up together. And finally, with the help of old letters, they also find love.letters to juliait is a perfect representation of love that works in unexpected ways.

IMDb rating:6.5

Directed by:gary wink

Pour:Amanda Seyfriend | Christoph Egan | Gael García Bernal

6# The Proposal (2009)

40+ Enemies to Lovers Movies on Netflix You Must Watch (6)

InThe application(2009) a book publisher who wants to avoid deportation to her country decides to lie about her engagement to her assistant. Surprisingly, the assistant agrees as she makes some conditions. One of those conditions was the introduction of her to her family.The applicationdescribes the predicament for the couple that arises after the declaration.

While trying to continue performing for the man's family. The duo are also pressured to appear as a couple due to an ever-present immigration officer.

complex situations inThe applicationMake room for some funny and awkward interactions. But the constant closeness eventually brings the duo together. And the wrong couple ends up falling in love for real. Given Ryan Reynolds' comedic timing and Sandra Bullock's great performance, can you really expect anything less? NO.

IMDb rating:6.7

Directed by:ana fugitive

Pour:Sandra Bullock | Ryan Reynolds

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7# Flipped (2010)

40+ Enemies to Lovers Movies on Netflix You Must Watch (7)

revolves around young love,Turned around(2010) centers on a girl in love with her neighbor. Juli has loved Bryce since she was a child. Completely mesmerized by her presence. However, Bryce has very different views and doesn't pay as much attention to it. Eventually, after reaching the eighth grade, Juli's focus shifts to other things. While Bryce finally pays attention to July.

Through the years,Turned aroundfocuses on the various situations that led Juli to decide to give up on Bryce. While Bryce decides to work on their relationship. Even if the couple doesn't end up together, the ending is quite open-ended and leaves room for the imagination.

Turned aroundexplores things like unrequited love, growing up, and how time effortlessly eats away at people's emotions.

IMDb rating:7.7

Directed by:Rob Reiner

Pour:Madeleine Caroll | Callan McAuliffe

8# leap year (2010)

40+ Enemies to Lovers Movies on Netflix You Must Watch (8)

The main plot ofleap-year(2010) It consists of a woman who decides to propose to her boyfriend on February 29. Because according to Irish tradition, a man cannot refuse a marriage proposal on a leap day. However, due to certain circumstances, he hires an innkeeper to help her find her boyfriend.

Anna and the innkeeper Declan start off with a difficult step, but speak slowly. Although their first interaction was quite adversarial, the couple ends up being quite close. Eventually the couple leaves and Anna's boyfriend proposes to her.

However, she ends up reevaluating her relationship after some harrowing interactions with her boyfriend. Finally, she comes to the conclusion that she doesn't want him in her life. And just like with a perfect happy ending, the couple finally let go of their previous emotional connections. Realizing her feelings for Declan, Anna becomes engaged to him.leap-yearit is definitely a beautiful romantic movie to watch.

IMDb rating:6.4

Directed by: anand tucker

Pour:amy adams matthew goode

9# The Hate Game (2021)

40+ Enemies to Lovers Movies on Netflix You Must Watch (9)

Lucy Hutton, an editorial employee, is forced to work with her nemesis, Joshua Templeman. They both hate the arrangement, but have to because their companies have merged. The only way out of her for her is her promotion, which ultimately makes her superior to others.

The two indulge in a game of cat and mouse, outdoing each other, putting on a show entertaining enough for everyone in the office to watch. While there's fun and games at first, Lucy begins to have feelings for Joshua, and luckily for her, Joshua feels the same way about her.

What starts out as a movie where the two are willing to cut each other's throats turns into a juicy love story. And if that wasn't enoughThe Hating Game has beautiful filming locationsin it, so along with the plot, the aesthetic will also make you swoon!

IMDb rating: 6,2/10

Directed by: Peter Hutchings

pour: Lucy Hale | austin stowell

Some other haters of lovers movies on Netflix | Add them now!

movie titleIMDb ratingYearDurationDirector
how to lose a man in 10 days6.420031h 56mdonald petrie
Prepare it6.520181 standard 45 minutesclaire scanlon
daddy's girls5.720071h 40mTyler Perry
misled6.919951h 37mAmy Heckerling
life as we know it6.520101h 54mGregory Berlanti
me before you7.420161 standard 46 minutesthea sharock
Palm Springs7.420201h 30mMax Barbakow
The lost husband6.020201h 49mpeso vicky
candy jar5.820181h 32mben shelton
After5.220191 standard 45 minutesjenny calibre
the prince and I5.820041h 51mMarta Coolidge
Fall in love with the inn5.620191h 38mroger kumble
just join us6.420111h 57mdennis dugan
charmed7.120071 standard 47 minuteskevin lima
an unforgettable ride7.320021h 41madam shankmann
The Princess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement5.820041h 53mmarshall gary
You have an e6.719981h 59mNora Ephron
warm bodies6.820131h 38mjonathan levine
emma6.720202h 4mwilde autumn
The corner store8.119401h39mernesto lubitsch
dirty Dancing7.019871h 40mEmilio Ardolino
el DUFF6.420151h 41mAri Sandel
austenlandia6.220131h 37mJerusha Hess
A Cinderella story5.920041h 35mMarkus Rossman
two week notice6.120021h 41mmark laurent
lunatic7.119871h 32mNorman Jewison
Beauty and the Beast7.120172h 9mbill condom
After5.320191 standard 46 minutesjenny cage
candy jar5.820181h 32mben shelton
the kissing hut5.920181 standard 45 minutesMarcelo wins
we are the millers720131h 50mmarshall rawson
Casanova6.520051h 52mLasse Hallström

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last words

These were more than 40 lovers movie enemies.netflixYou must have seen that! Cliché and exaggerated genres are popular with the masses. Although the formula is too repetitive, the formula imbued with hostility and romance never seems to fade. The slow burn of affection or the gradual build up of tension seems exciting and is definitely a must watch.

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