13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (2023)

Out offantasma de tsushimaThere are so many spells and armors out there that it can be difficult to determine which ones work best for your playstyle. You can try focusing on your phantom weapons, or you can try focusing on stealth.


There are many different ways to play, which also means there are many ways players can build their character. With that in mind, here are some of the best builds to help players defeat the Mongols and take back their island.

Updated September 23, 2022 by Patrick Armstrong:The number of quality samurai games is disappointingly small, and when Ghost of Tsushima came out, many players were overjoyed to be able to live out their bushido fantasies in style. A big part of the game's appeal is killing enemies in this stunning setting with custom builds and tailoring the game to your own playstyle. Here are a few more fun and fascinating builds that players can experiment with to improve their gameplay in Ghost of Tsushima.

13 fear of ghosts

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (1)

Wearing the Kensei Armor increases the player's Phantom Weapon damage by 30% and inflicts two debuffs on enemies when hit, causing them to deal half damage and take 50% more damage. Versatile Skills Charm makes the effects of small spells combined with the Lore of Charm of Fire, increasing the chance of scaring nearby enemies when an enemy is burned.

The Double Destruction spell increases the chance to deal double damage by 10%, and the Fleet Search spell grants a 15% chance to recover rapid-fire ammo when the player completes a melee kill. Finally, using both Amulets of Luck increases the percentage of buffs from other Amulets. Together, the elements of this build allow the player to deal massive damage, terrify enemies, and keep the pressure high with fast ammo recovery, allowing the player to fend off enemies with ease and easeBreak through difficult missions.

12 blood stagger

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (2)

Wearing Gosaku's armor grants the player a huge health bonus, a huge increase in stun damage, and restores 20% of the player's health when killing a stunned enemy. The spells used are Chrarm of Terrifying Aim, Versatile Abilities, Spells of Resolve II, Spells of Silence, Spells of Broken Barriers, and Spells of the Power of Inari.

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This build provides massive resolution gains, reducing enemy detection, providing additional resolution when an enemy's defenses are broken, and improving character health and melee damage. In addition, thanks to the Frightening Aim charm, the player has a 60% overall chance to scare a nearby enemy when the player kills an enemy with a headshot. To play this build properly, the goal is to attack enemies in the wind stance, super kick them, stagger them, and then finish them off before they have a chance to react. When facing multiple opponents, the player can mix headshots to get the terrifying effect.

11 smoke and fire

This build requires the player to equip Phantom Armor, which reduces enemy detection speed, reduces Phantom Stance kill requirement, and improves the chances of scares.The spells usedare the Amulets of Versatile Skills, the Lore of Fire, the Might of Inari, the Fleet Gathering, and both Amulets of Fortune.

This build allows the player to send out smoke bombs and then assassinate enemies as the job counts as a melee kill and therefore replenishes the player's smoke bomb supply, allowing them to chain the operation repeatedly. If the player gets bored of killing in the smoke, they can simply attack the enemy directly as their fire attacks also have a chance to scare enemies with this build.

10 Offensive Championship

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (4)

One of the biggest aspectsfantasma de tsushimait is fight. While some players might be tempted to bolster their defenses, others have made the decisionoffensive route. The offensive power of this build comes from the combination ofAmulets of Double Destructionelucky amulets.

These spells work together perfectly to give the player a high chance of dealing double damage.the constructionis bound withGosaku's armor. This returns the player's health for killing a staggered enemy and also increases stagger damage. In the right hands, this build can sometimes even hit enemies.

9 Great defense

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (5)

Nothing beats marching into a Mongol camp and letting them use all their power just to take out the player. Buildings surrounding the defenses usually use thesamurai Clan Armor,which is unlocked in Lady Masako's quest line, and amulets which benefit defense when offeredsome attack bonuses.

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Armor reduces all damage by a large amount. Also amulets like thatresistance spellgive large and medium damage reductions. Mix them up with some health spells like thatcharm of vitality,and players can be a walking fortress.

8 Horror Construction

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Horror builds are great for players who want to instill fear in the Mongol hordes and make them flee like they've just seen a ghost. For such a build, players will need theghost armor.

This armor is great because it gives a thirty percent chance to startle enemies who see the player killing someone. Stack the charm ofIkazuchi-No-Kamion it, and players have a 55 percent chance of enemies running away from you. Use moves likeHeavenly Blowto increase the fear factor even more. Horror builds are simple but fun to experiment with and can lead to some hilarious moments.

7 The Lord of Fire

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (7)

Amulets and the are used in the construction of the Firelordghost armorto scare enemies more effectively than any other build. It does this by combining the effects ofAmuleto de Ikazuchi-No-Kami, 2 Amuletos da Doutrina do Fogo,eLucky charms I and II.


These enchantments work together to increase the chance of inflicting terror on enemies. When the calculation is complete, the chance to scare enemies drops to around 70%. This effect occurs whenever the player sets an enemy on fire or kills an enemy.

6 Phantomwaffen-Chaos

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (8)
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Phantom weapons are something that helps players throughout the game and gives them an advantage, but they can also be useful for defeating enemies without the need for a sword. For this build, players will need theArmadura Kensei.This piece can increase Phantom Weapon damage by up to thirty percent and decrease enemy damage by up to fifty percent when hit by a Phantom Weapon.

Mix it up with thatHidden Blades Enchantments, Advantage andInari's Power,and players will deal insane damage without having to draw their sword. Charm of Advantage increases ghost weapon damage by twenty percent. Deploy two of these, and that's an extra seventy percent damage when the armor bonus is factored in.

5 Collector's Compilation

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (9)

Since there are many mysteries to be discovered in this game, fans have taken the time to create a build for those who want to find all of the game's Mongolian records and artifacts. First the players have to get themtravel clothes, which is probably the first armor they'll discover. Then focus on the stimuli.

Armor increases the amount of Fog of War removed from the map and also allows players to track artifacts using Lanterns. charms like thatInari's spellIncrease the number of resources players collect. If players want to ignore combat for a while, they can also equip spells that make it harder for enemies to spot them.

4 stealth and assassination

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (10)

Many fans of the game want to focus on stealthily killing all enemies they see. They lurk in the shadows and strike when the time comes. This build will help these players become the assassins they always wanted to be. For this build, players will need theRon's costumebecause of its abilities that slow down enemy detection and keep players hidden when coming out of the pampas grass. The best spell to use with this build is thecharm of silence,because of its reduction in enemy detection speed.

Players can also equip themPoisonous Death Spellto induce wind chimes to release toxic fumes. additionallyEncanto de Tsukuyomidrops more supplies on slain enemies.

3 warehouse cleaning

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (11)
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Like the Horror builds, this build focuses on using Terror to clear camps faster, although that's not its primary focus. He uses a lot of swordsmanship and focuses on increasing stalemate strips. take itSakai clan armorfrom act two and update it so that the player's stalemate streak is maxed out (5 people). Equip themAmuleto de Ikazuchi-No-Kamifor this horror bonus.


The Terror perk helps take out some enemies, but players will have to deal with stragglers. For this, the players want the amuletsAmaterasu, Wellness, zResolver.This returns health on every kill, increases the player's resolve, and gives more health when healed.

2 Stunning master

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (12)

This is by far one of the best builds to use against bosses. It increases the player's scaling to incredible levels, allowing him to easily clear the ground with many enemies. For this build, players want to useGosaku's armorbecause of its increases to stagger damage and health. It also gives players the benefit of gaining health every time they kill a staggered enemy.

interfereCharmeand players will gain a lot of health from each stagger kill. Equip themconcussion spellto further increase the staggered damage. Players will want them tooCharme von Shinatsuhikoto further increase the scalability potential. It allows continuous melee attacks for six seconds when an enemy is staggered. Complete with theSusanoo-Charm,to give staggering enemies a 30 percent chance to fall.

1 true warrior

13 Great Ghost of Tsushima builds to take on the Mongol hordes (13)

This is a build for those looking to maximize their damage potential and charge headfirst into combat. players needRon's costumefor his thirty percent melee damage increase.

Add some charms like thatInari's Power Spell, Ferocity, Nigihayahi-no-Mikoto, zKagu-Tsuchifor additional increases in melee damage regardless of the player's health. Players can bypass this build with some enchantments to increase its healing or resolution, but that's where the main focus liesmelee damageand quick kills for the Mongol hordes. Equipment ofCharme von Takemikazuchiallows the player to also take increased melee damage with each kill.


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